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Truth for the Last Days Series

Rodger said ...
Does anyone know how many of these there were in total? Also, does anyone have #14, Extracts from letters of JG Bellett?
Friday, Dec 27, 2019 : 06:03
Martin Arhelger said ...
I have scans of two Series not yet on this page (including No 14) which I put, for a time, here:
Perhaps Tom is able to put them here permanently.
The quality is low, as the original booklets which I used had many underlining and remarks. But it suffices for reading.
As to the collection of Bellett's letters: The foreword says: "The greater number of the following letters have not hitherto been published."
Martin Arhelger
Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019 : 17:05
Rodger said ...
Thanks, Martin!

I appreciate getting the FBH booklet as well.
Wednesday, Jan 1, 2020 : 11:04
Tom said ...
Thanks Martin.
Thursday, Jan 2, 2020 : 06:53

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