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Tom said ...
Here is a little demo of what the Family Trees will look like; they are easy to build, just add parent and spouse links to People on the site. Only thing is this library I have used above to draw it, I now see is commercial so might have to find something else. Anyway, more next week.
Saturday, Dec 17, 2016 : 16:24
Tom said ...
Right this one is essentially 'done' now .. in the sense that it is a complete copy of the one Nick has done for the Carter's on Ancestry. So thanks to him for the work that was put in there. I'm quite pleased with how it looks, and the library turned out to be free for non-commercial use so can keep using that. Soon will add some more interesting Brethren trees. Also there is now a pretty good interface where users of the website can add information about people, so hopefully that will prove useful going forward.
Thursday, Dec 22, 2016 : 04:09
Christina Lawrence said ...
-very useful thank you.
Saturday, Feb 25, 2017 : 22:25
Christina Lawrence said ...
Just adding this here, from an email I received from Elisabeth Wilson:

Samuel James Boulter CARTER, born 1858, married Jessie ANDERSON née McPHILLIMY in 1885 in Ballarat (Victorian Pioneer Index 1885/5467).
They had one son, Ezra, in 1886, an accountant who died in Melbourne in 1944.
She married Alexander ANDERSON in 1878 (1878/2065).
(There are several possible deaths for him between then and 1885.)

The Carters are listed in Electoral Rolls (available on Ancestry) in Ballarat until 1917, where his occupation is given as publisher.

He married Helen Mary ROGERS in Salisbury UK in 1926, and died in Salisbury on 26 October 1938 (Salisbury district vol. 5a, p. 154).

Hugh McPhillimy, Jessie’s father, wrote to H L Garrett in Hobart about assembly matters on 24 September 1886, urging what sound like Exclusive views on assembly gathering.

The Missionary Echo for April 1880 (p. 61) has a mention in a report by Henry Rainey from Melbourne: "In Sandhurst [now Bendigo] our dear young brother Samuel Carter has fine audiences every Lord’s-day evening, chiefly gathered off the streets.”

Then In April 1881 (p. 55), W C C B Cave writes “At Ballarat, in this colony [i.e. Victoria], there are now some fifty gathered to the Lord’s name, where last year there were but three or four, the fruit of much patient waiting, faithfulness, and confidence in the Church’s Head on the part of those three or four. S. Carter, son of W. Carter, has been much owned in gospel ministry there.”

In June 1881 (p. 86), John Kenny writes “In Ballarat our brother Samuel Carter (son of the late W. Carter, of South London Mission) has been much blessed of God in gospel-work during the past few months.”

Then in November 1881 there is a long report from W Murray, and a letter from Samuel himself.
Friday, Jun 5, 2020 : 20:53

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