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Timothy Stunt said ...
Anthony Norris Groves's first wife was Mary Bethia [not Berthia] Thompson. She was born c.1798 and her father was James Thompson who died in 1827. The mother of the second Mrs Groves (Harriet nee Baynes) was Anne Frances Cator whose mother Sarah Morse married William Cator in 1780. They had come to India from the West Indies. Harriet Baynes's older sister Agnes (born 1806) married William Jarrett who sided with Darby in the division of the 1840s. I have more information on the early life of William Craig Baynes, if you are interested... Timothy Stunt
Thursday, Mar 9, 2017 : 16:05
Tom said ...
Thanks Timothy .. I corrected Bethia - according to a baptism record on Ancestry she was born 1793, but maybe that is an error, it's only a text record? Saw your reference to Jarrett in "From Awakening to Secession", and have added him.
Yes please, would be great to get more info on Baynes .. thanks!
Thursday, Mar 9, 2017 : 20:16
Tom said ...
A bit random but in the "The Late Mr. Baynes" piece, it says "His mother was of the Cators of Kent." .. I wonder if there was any relation to John Cator who build the well known "Cator Estate" in Blackheath?
Thursday, Mar 9, 2017 : 20:23
Timothy Stunt said ...
Your surmise is correct. William Cator (baptized 1753) was the youngest son of John Cator, a timber merchant. His brother, John, established the Cator 'dynasty' in Beckenham; (see Pat Manning, 'The Cators of Beckenham and Woodbastwick,' [Eastbourne: Antony Rowe, 2002]). William Cator established a London brewery but then went to India where, in 1780, he married Sarah Morse (daughter of John Morse from Jamaica). Aberdeen Art Gallery has a painting by John Zoffany of William Cator with his wife Sarah and her brother and sister, Robert and Ann Morse. William and Sarah's daughter Ann Frances married Major-General Edward Baynes in 1801 and was the mother of A N Groves's second wife and biographer.
Harriet Baynes's younger brother William Craig Baynes was born (according to my notes!) 7 May, 1809; he attended Haileybury College [a.k.a. the East India College] in 1826. For a colourful account of some of his more boisterous actvities in his late teens, when being tutored at Hinton Charterhouse, near Bath in 1827, see Thomas Mozley, 'Reminiscences, chiefly of towns, villages and schools,' [London: Longmans, Green, 1885] ii. 179-180.
Friday, Mar 10, 2017 : 20:21
Timothy Stunt said ...
Sorry Tom, I only gave you the first part of my materials on William Craig Baynes's early career:
At Easter, 1832 he matriculated at Cambridge from Trinity College where he had been admitted as a pensioner, 6 April 1829. He received his BA in 1835. Two years later he presented an address of congratulation on Queen Victoria's accession. This was at her first levee at St James' palace on July 19th 1837. He describes the occasion in a jocular account in a letter written to his sister Lucy. The letter may be read in the Canadian Historical Review, xiv (1933) 345-7. Timothy Stunt
Friday, Mar 10, 2017 : 20:55
Tom said ...
Thanks a lot for looking in to John Cator! It's personally very interesting having once lived on the Cator estate, and going to some local history lectures on the Cators too. Of course other 'Brethren' have lived there .. most notably maybe Dr Joseph Kidd.
Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 : 12:13

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