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Wolston / Burlingham / Stancomb / Hole / Smith Family Tree

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Tom said ...
Another family tree which shows some of Quaker background who ended up in the assemblies.

John Wolston, grandfather of WTPW married a Catherine Prideaux - I imagine through her it is possible to join this tree to the bigger one I have done (Pridham-Tregelles-etc.) but I don't know the exact link yet.
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 : 02:04
Tom said ...
Wonder if the Batemans here were related to J.B. Bateman the bookseller?
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 : 02:14
Timothy Stunt said ...
The maiden name of WTPW's mother Maria was Murley. Was she a sister of George Murley of Yeovil? Another sister Martha Murley, of East Coker, nr Yeovil, became the second wife of Joseph Stancomb (1818-93) who, with WTPW, is included in "Chief Men among the Brethren". Timothy
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 : 02:57
Tom said ...
Thanks, added J.S. Who / What was the significance of George Murley?
Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 : 06:19

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