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Wolston / Burlingham / Stancomb / Hole / Smith Family Tree

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Tom said ...
Another family tree which shows some of Quaker background who ended up in the assemblies.

John Wolston, grandfather of WTPW married a Catherine Prideaux - I imagine through her it is possible to join this tree to the bigger one I have done (Pridham-Tregelles-etc.) but I don't know the exact link yet.
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 : 02:04
Tom said ...
Wonder if the Batemans here were related to J.B. Bateman the bookseller?
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 : 02:14
Timothy Stunt said ...
The maiden name of WTPW's mother Maria was Murley. Was she a sister of George Murley of Yeovil? Another sister Martha Murley, of East Coker, nr Yeovil, became the second wife of Joseph Stancomb (1818-93) who, with WTPW, is included in "Chief Men among the Brethren". Timothy
Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018 : 02:57
Tom said ...
Thanks, added J.S. Who / What was the significance of George Murley?
Thursday, Feb 22, 2018 : 06:19
Timothy Stunt said ...
George Murley [Murly] was associated with the Brethren in the Yeovil area and was the recipient of a letter from B. W. Newton in January 1845 containing statements concerning the humanity of Christ, some explanation of which was requested more than two years later by Edward Cronin and others. Newton's failure to give a satisfactory answer led to Henry Soltau abandoning his previous loyalty to Newton and (at least temporarily) supporting J.N. Darby. Details can be found in Soltau's MS 'Account of what passed at Plymouth relative to Mr Newton' [CBA 5625 (20)]. A summary of the incident is in Jonathan Burnham's 'A Story of Conflict' (Paternoster 2004) 195-7. From the Census records Murley/Murly [variously spelt] appears to have been born in 1806 and was an agricultural labourer/harvester in Martock near Yeovil, one of whose daughters was later a glover. He would appear to have been a brother of Martha Stancomb and Maria Wolston. Timothy Stunt
Tuesday, Mar 5, 2019 : 07:07

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