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The Believers Hymn Book

Helmut Bohn said ...

My wife and I are regular attenders at the Unley Christian Chapel in South Australia.

I want to study the Believers' Hymn Book, to help me be of more use during our service. I hope that I can get to the Hymn Book through you.

I tried to create an account using my Microsoft details but this did not work.

Please allow me access.

God bless and a Merry Christmas,

Thursday, Dec 24, 2015 : 06:58
Tom said ...
Hi Helmut, you don't need to register to get this one .. just click on the 'View/Download' link above. Hope that works for you.
Thursday, Dec 24, 2015 : 10:00
Jennifer said ...
I born and studied in Brethren church in India. I am living in capital city of India since 20 yrs. I attend my church only when I visit to my native place, I miss all the hymns I use to sing in the church, moreover, I miss the church very much. i wish I could get the hymns, I teach my son the songs which I learnt when I was little girl. May I have the hymns book, what I get here is in Kannada language not in english. If possible to download from the website, please help. I want my son to grow in Godly way in this crooked generation.

Saturday, Jun 10, 2017 : 11:13
chikonko said ...
please reply using my email.........Am a music director in the evangelical church in zambia.Am asking if its possible to produce the songs in the book in notation form so that our church can move on the same leval with other churches.we use the songs in this book in church but the choirs have no notation book to call our own.Each time you use a notation song others claim it since they are not in our hymn book it becomes difficult to answer.please help.
Saturday, Mar 24, 2018 : 18:04

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