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The Year 1883

Royal Musings Concerning the King and His Work

by Amelia Matilda Hull

Tom said ...
A.M. Hull was author of the hymn "There is Life in a Look at the Crucified One". A short bio of her can be found here;
Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 : 20:51
Timothy Stunt said ...

The following scraps supplement the account of her conversion.

The sources are not agreed whether her first name was Amelia  or Anna.  In the census records she is A. Matilda.  Her horse-whipping father was William Thomas Hull [1764-1841]..   Her older brother Thomas Hillman Hull [1809-80] was converted in India (c.1845) through the ministry of Anthony Norris Groves (Groves Memoir [1857] 406; further details in my Elusive Quest 227.)  Pickering (in Chief Men...2nd ed, pp. 55-6) tells us that T H Hull worked in the Exeter Road Room, Exmouth (registered as a 'preaching room, 1847; see with the oldest brother William Hartopp Hull [1803-66].  

In 1851 AMH was still living with her widowed mother in Withycombe, Exmouth but by 1861 she was living with her older sister Emily in Paddington/Bayswater (West London) where she was in the vicinity of Moscow Hall, Moscow Road where she worshiped for a time.  In a published (1869) letter addressed to 'the Saints at Moscow Hall' she explained why she left them for the prepared one-man ministry of B W Newton which she found more edifying than the impulsive 'many-men' ministry of the Brethren assembly (See J.D. Burnham, A Story of Conflict [2004] p. 215.

Caution:  there was another religious poet Anna Maria Howitt (1824-84) some of whose work was published under the initials A.M.H.  Room for confusion here!

Timothy Stunt

Sunday, Nov 18, 2018 : 02:53

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