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The Year 1901

Wayside Songs

by Miss Hannah Kilham Burlingham

Theo Balderston said ...
Hi Tom,

I was trying to view Hannah Burlingham's Wayside Songs with a view to comparing the originals with the versions in Psalms. Hymns and Spiritual Songs 1978, and after twcie succeding , thereafter clicking on view just brought me back to the man "Hymns and Poems" page on your website. Is this because you have a policy of only permitting a restrictinv no. of viewings?

Yours in Christ,

Monday, Aug 12, 2019 : 04:34
Tom said ...
Hi Theo,
No basically this is a known issue that a number of people have had with various documents. I've only had it once myself - what happens is the site only will return PDFs when the HTTP 'Referrer' property is set to be the website - ie what this means in simple English, only when requests come from the site itself. The point of this is to stop search engines like Google linking directly to the PDFs and instead link to the page which the PDF is hosted on. Unfortunately it seems for some unknown reason that occasionally the browser is not sending this field when it should be and so the redirection occurs. It may be due to the CMS backend the website is based on but I don't know. I am away this week but when I am back I will email a copy to you. Alternatively you could try with your mobile and that might work.
best, Tom
Monday, Aug 12, 2019 : 22:14
THEO said ...
Many thanks for your kind and prompt reply. I'd welcome the email as my phone is not set up to receive data, only SMS's.
Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019 : 04:39

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