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O Jesus, Lord, Great Shepherd Of Thy Sheep

by William Easton

Tune: Lux Benigna

1 O JESUS, Lord, Great Shepherd of Thy sheep,
Lead Thou us on:
Foolish and weak, we need Thee still to keep
And lead us on:
Dangers abound, and we are not yet home,
O keep us near, nor let us from Thee roam.

2 Thy blood was shed that we might with Thee be
At home on high,
Amid that scene of light and radiancy
Beyond the sky.
Yet even here we know Thee near, and hear
Thy voice, and follow, Saviour, without fear.

3 Dark though the path may be, we follow Thee
Along the way,
Which leads us on, Thy glory soon to see
In cloudless day:
Thus led by Thee, Thy tender shepherd care
Will keep, and guard, and guide us safely there.

4 What will it be when dangers all are past,
And led by Thee,
We reach our home --- the Father's house, at last,
To dwell with Thee?
How loud the chorus which we then shall raise,
And sing for ever to Thee, in Thy praise!

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