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Tune: Nottingham

by J. Clark, c. 1659-1707


Brian said ...
This hymn tune is not Nottingham, it's St. Magnus. 'Nottingham' is the usual tune for 'Take my life and let it be.'
Wednesday, Jul 4, 2018 : 16:56
Nick Fleet said ...
Brian is right in that it is better known as ST MAGNUS. However, James T. Lightwood in his 'Hymn-Tunes and Their Story', wrote, "'Croft's 148th' and 'St. Magnus,' appeared in 1709 in Henry Playford's 'Divine Companion'. The latter tune is also known as 'Nottingham.' It was originally unnamed and set to the 117th Psalm. ... The present name of the tune was conferred on it by Riley, who, in his collection of 1762, named many of his tunes after the London churches, St. Magnus being situated on old London Bridge."
Thursday, Jul 12, 2018 : 03:35

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