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The Love of God, it Melts our Hearts

by ?

Tune: Naomi C.M.

1. THE love of God, it melts our hearts,
Like ice before the sun;
And fills our eyes with grateful tears,
Such wonders it has done.

2. When Justice stern in wrath arose
With sword uplift and keen,
Poor helpless sinners to dispatch,
God's love did intervene.

3. Between that mighty sword and us
Came God's beloved Son.
That fearful stroke, it fell on Him,
And life for us was won.

4. God's love to us will never cease,
Unlimited it flows;
As from an everlasting spring
It faileth not, but grows.

5. Then unto God be glory given,
And let us praise Him now
For wondrous love through Christ displayed,
While at His throne we bow.

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