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Influences darbystes au Mazet-Saint-Voy, dans la deuxième moitié du xixe siècle

by Christian Maillebouis

Tom said ...
I was sent this by someone. It's available here; so I assume it's not restricted by copyright.
Saturday, Dec 19, 2020 : 20:46
Timothy Stunt said ...

I'm not sure when Monsieur Maillebouis wrote this, but it is a valuable supplement to his three earlier works (1991, 1992, 1993) which I listed in the Bibliography of The Elusive Quest p.311.  In the same volume I have given a very brief account of the millenarian delusion of the Brethren evangelist Albert Dentan in 1844 (p.140) for which I was heavily dependent on Maillebouis's very thorough research.  Timothy Stunt.


Saturday, Dec 26, 2020 : 00:06

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