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A large part of the archive items are restricted to users who have registered, for a few reasons:

  • The manuscript material and many other items were aquired at considerable cost and I would like to protect that investment. Therefore it is kindly requested that material is not redistributed without prior permission.
  • Many people I know think this type of controversial information should not be made publically available, and so I want to bear that in mind and provide it in a responsible manner.

Registration is open to anyone, whether of passing or deep interest; the only requisite being to send a short email introducing yourself.

The easiest way to register is first to click on one of the provider buttons above; note, this does not give your Google password etc to this website but handles the authentication on Google/Msoft/FB/Yahoo servers so you don't need a seperate username and password. Assuming that works, use the form that follows or send an email to to just say who you are, and then shortly you should be able to access everything, as well access the PDF downloads for easier reading. Note that the Microsoft button handles both Hotmail and and any other Microsoft login.

If you do not have an account with any of these people then just email me and I can make a custom one.