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Oxford Oct 16, 1825                                                                                                     11

premises commence. Inside my oak is my scout's closet about a dozen feet long I should think. This is my ante-chamber. After passing through this, I have another oak. Immediately inside which is my parlour door; so that I am pretty tolerably secured from intruders. Now for my room. It is about 11 feet square and contains a handsome beaufet and bookcase with locked drawers; five neat chairs, two tables; fire irons, fender and coal scuttle, a hearth rug, and a neat grey cloth instead of a carpet. Inside my sitting room is my bed room of the same dimensions, and contains a neat bed, a hansome mahogany chest of drawers, three chairs, a looking glass, dressing table and wash hand stand. It is carpetted like my sitting room. Inside my bed room I have a third room, almost large enough for a bed room. It is carpetted a nice mahogany reading table and 2 excellent cupboards with four drawers. The prospect from this last mentioned room is very pleasant. It looks out into a little spot planted with trees the tops of which just reach my window and beyond are some very fine and tall poplars. Outside I have a full view of the street and the front of Trinity College. The view from my other two rooms is not quite so good. They look out upon two fine slate roofs, where on a rainy day I may amuse myself by observing the water trickling from one stone to another. On the whole however I am excellently well off.

Now for money affairs. The expences of my journey were nearly five pounds, so that I have about £15 — 6s left. My non-resident  battles are 8 pounds, so that reduces my cash to £7 - 6. What my thirds will be I do not yet know, but I am told about £10.

_____________________________________________________________________"Battel. The expenses of an Oxf. student at the buttery." Walker's Dict.



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