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Grave of Edward Synge

Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin, Ireland


A friend of Bellett's and Darby's; mntioned in Neatby's history in connection with the Powerscourt meetings, and also in Bellett's 'Interesting Reminiscences of the Early History of “Brethren”'

Richard said ...
This -- as evidenced by the dates shown for his life (1859-1939) -- is in fact the grave of a grandson of John Synge of Glanmore, and not that of Bellett's and Darby's friend Edward Synge (1788-1882) who was John Synge's cousin (and lived and preached in the west of Ireland).
Monday, Jun 17, 2019 : 17:57
Tom said ...
Yes that was a rather sloppy mistake, thanks!
Monday, Jun 17, 2019 : 18:11

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