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The Metropolitan Tabernacle - C.H. Spurgeon



Church built for, and associated with C.H. Spurgeon - and if you go and hear a sermon there today, you will not be long before you are reminded of that!

Original building was completed in 1861, but destroyed once by fire, then in the Blitz, though the front portico survived both. The current building is somewhat smaller than the one there in Spurgeon's day.

Paul Bennion said ...
A relation of mine suposadly preached a semon at the Tabernacle, I was wondering if there is any history relating to this, or any thing that might be of intrest,
(althow the semon may have been at Spurgeon hall nr plymouth)
my relation was James Sadler OBE, a methodist preacher and farmer from cheshire born 1857 and died 1937
any infomation would be apreciated as my father has an intrest in his grandfathers life and acheavments

Regards Paul Bennion
Monday, May 17, 2021 : 19:17

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