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Wesley's Chapel and House


Inside the main chapel.
The Foundery Chapel.
Grave of John Wesley - behind the chapel.
John Wesley's house adjoins the chapel building. It is beautifully kept just like it would have been in Wesley's day.
Sitting Room
Spare bedroom.
Nice chair!
A plaque on a nearby street commemorates the 'Site of the Foundery' - John Wesley's first London base, and bookroom.
Site of Whitfield's Tabernacle is also nearby.

Juliet Jay said ...
My father attended services given by the Plymouth Brethren in Maidenhead, UK in the 1950s. He wrote about these services extensively in his boyhood diaries. Any information about the Brethren, including photographs, during this time would be greatly appreciated. If there is another site that could be helpful in my search, would you kindly point me in the right direction.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Monday, Mar 22, 2021 : 03:06

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