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A walk through Glorious Greenwich


The Royal Observatory - at the top of the hill in Greenwich Park.
Statue of General Wolfe, who took Canada for Britain from the French.
Looking inside the observatory.
The Greenwich Meridian is marked on the ground.
Looking down from the top of Greenwich park, the Queen's House and the Maritime Museum are on the park edge. In the distance lie the docklands buildings with Canary Wharf, and the Millennium Dome on the far right. Mr Raven lived on the road adjoining the left hand side of the park as in picture.
The National Maritime Museum
The Queen's House
Mr F.E. Raven was the Secretary of the Royal Naval College
The exterior of the Painted Hall at the Royal Naval College
Inside the Royal Naval College chapel.
Inside the Painted Hall.
The Cutty Sark, with the Greenwich Foot Tunnel on the left hand side.

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