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57 Park Street - Former meeting hall which J.N. Darby attended

Islington, London, N1


The meeting at 57 Park street was the meeting Mr Darby would attend when he was in London, being only a short walk from his home in Lonsdale square.  The meeting only moved to this location in the early 1870's, from previously being at 'The Priory'.  Sadly Park Street became the centre of sectarianism within the Brethren and the sourdce of much sorrow and many of the divisions that subsequently occurred.

The meeting hall remained in use right through Mr Taylor's times and went with the Renton group in the debacle of 1970.  It was still usd into the 1990's but sadly later in that decade was sold, knocked down, and converted to flats.  The pictures re of what is there today.

Tom said ...
A few interesting historical notes provided by a reader of the website who attended the meeting; link
Thursday, Dec 24, 2015 : 11:30
Lindo said ...
I used to attend there up till about 1992. It must have closed not so long after
Monday, Sep 30, 2019 : 21:22

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