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Great George Street - Birthplace of John Nelson Darby


Looking down Great George Street towards the Palace of Westminster
No 11. Mr Darby was born in a similar house, which stood alongside to the right as we look. This house has long since gone and been replaced by the building you can now see.
Photo from 1923 which shows No 11 (still standing today), and No 10 to the right, where JND was born. From
No 10 on left in 1923. From
Nos 27-30, the other side, once looked identical ...


John Nelson Darby was born here, in the shadow of the Palace of Westminster, on Wednesday November 18th 1800.

The house No 9, was renumbered around 1820 to No 10.

Its history, and ownership by the Arby family until 1837 can be found here:

Almost all the old houses have now gone, only it seems No 11 remains. I have not been able to determine exactly when or why No 10 was pulled down, tough evidently was after 1923 as that is the last picture that shows it here. Now a  much larget building occupies Nos. 8-10.

Clifford McCullough said ...
JND born 1800 I think not 1900. I believe I am related through my Great Grandmother Ruth Darby (born 5th December 1850)who had definite connections to the Darbys of Leap Castle but I can't find the missing link!
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 : 15:38
Tom said ...
Thanks Clifford for spotting that!
Tuesday, Jun 3, 2014 : 09:33

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