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Ada Ruth Habershon - 8th January 1861 ~ 1st February 1918. Age 57.
Birth: Marylebone, London, England.
Death: Hampstead, London, England.
Burial: Hampstead Cemetery.

Father: Samuel Osborne, M.D. - 3rd Sept. 1825 ~ 22nd Aug. 1889, age 63.
Mother: Grace Ince - 1821 ~ 13th April 1889, age 60/61.
      Married: 8th April 1854.

   Grace Elizabeth - 23 May 1855 ~ 14th May 1919, age 63.
      Married: John Robert Davies on 14 June 1883. 3 Children.
   Ellen Mary - 29th October 1856 ~ 15th November 1948.  Age 92.
   Samuel Herbert, M.D. - 11th Nov. 1857 ~ 26th Feb. 1915, age 57.
      Personal Physician to William Ewart Gladstone.
      Married: Catherine Davies on 28th April 1886. 3 Sons, all soldiers.
   Bernard Osborne - 12th May 1863 ~ 16th Aug. 1863, age 3 months.

English Hymnist. She is probably best remembered for writing the lyrics to her 1907 hymn "Will the Circle be Unbroken." The daughter of a physician, she was brought up with a strong belief in Christianity. In the 1880s, she was a member of the religious circle involving English Baptist reform preacher Charles Spurgeon and in 1884 she met American evangelist Dwight L. Moody and singer/hymn writer Ira D. Sankey while they were touring England. At their request, she visited the US, delivering a series of Bible lectures that were later published. She did not become a hymn writer until 1899, when she wrote several tunes in German. Two years later, she started writing hymns in English and was credited with authoring over 200 hymns. Her literary works include "Types in the Old Testament" (1898), "The Study of the Parables" (1904), "The Priests and Levites, a Type of Church; a Bible Study" (1908), "A Sevenfold Method of Studying the Epistles to the Seven Churches" (1914), "The Day of Atonement in its Prophetic Aspect" (1916), "A Gatherer of Fresh Spoil; an Autobiography and Memoir" (1918), "I Am a Prayer and Other Poems" (1918), and "Israel's Exodus: Past and Future" (1918). Her other notable hymn lyrics include "He will Hold Me Fast" (1906), "Are You Ready for the Coming" (1907), "No Other Story" (1907), and "Meet Me in the Homeland" (1909). She died at the age of 57 [on 1st February 1918].
Ada Ruth Habershon (1861-1918) - Find a Grave Memorial

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Picked up a copy of this today:

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Btw, Scripture Gift Mission was started by a brother from the Oake Room meeting near Clapham Junction, London.
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