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Dr. Alfred Henry Burton

Born: 29th March 1853
Died: 6th April 1937

East Finchley Cemetery and Crematorium, Sondon Borough of Barnet, Greater London

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Burton made three extended trips to New Zealand.

1. From September 1884 to January 1885. En-route from England he had visited Australia from late April 1884. He stopped into South Australia on his return.

2. From February to August 1887. (He had a couple of weeks in Tasmania on the way.)

3. From December 1892 to June 1893.

Nick Fleet said ...
Dr Alfred Henry Burton (born in 1853 at Dublin, died in 1937 at Marylebone, London), lived in Bromley, Kent during the last 20 years of so of the 1800s. He tended JND during his last days at Bournmouth. He was well-known for his writings and lectures on prophecy.
Friday, Feb 10, 2017 : 19:38
Tom said ...
Monday, Feb 13, 2017 : 11:43
Tom said ...
Many more interesting books and pamphlets to get,
A few i'd like,

A Soldier's Prayer
The Titanic disaster
What is Exdusivism ?
Where is Collective Testimony found Today?
Saturday, Mar 4, 2017 : 16:52
Gabriele said ...
Does anyone know if A.H. Burton eventually left the LC-Brethren after 1890?
Monday, Jan 15, 2018 : 06:05
Timothy Stunt said ...
More that fifty years ago (1967), as a young man, I used some local recollections of a few elderly folk in the Lincoln area to prepare a tentative exercise in oral history, which was published in 'The Witness' (November 1968), under the title 'Evangelism in Lincolnshire' (pp. 420-422). Two of the principal characters in the story are William Fitzburton Burton (1847-1927) of Goltho Hall, Lincs., and his younger brother Dr. Alfred Burton (1853-1937). Timothy Stunt.
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 00:28
Gabriele said ...
Thank you, Mr. Stunt, very interesting! I try to get your article from Manchester Library for I suppose it is not available online. According the second name of the older brother wasn't Fitzburton but Fitzwilliam, and he was born in 1849 not in 1847.
Greetings, Gabriele
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 02:25
Timothy Stunt said ...
Gabriele, I'm sure your website is far more accurate than I was, fifty years ago when I didn't even have an electric typewriter let alone the internet ! If you let me have an e-mail address I can scan you a personal copy of my piece in the Witness! It is not a very well researched item! Timothy
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 23:30
Gabriele said ...
Thank you very much, Mr. Stunt! I will ask Tom to give you my e-mail address. Gabriele
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 23:44
Michael Schneider said ...
The National Probate Calendar confirms the name William FitzWilliam (in this spelling).
Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018 : 04:56
Tom said ...
Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020 : 04:39

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