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Dr. Alfred Henry Burton

Born: 29th March 1853
Died: 6th April 1937

East Finchley Cemetery and Crematorium, Sondon Borough of Barnet, Greater London

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Burton made three extended trips to New Zealand.

1. From September 1884 to January 1885. En-route from England he had visited Australia from late April 1884. He stopped into South Australia on his return.

2. From February to August 1887. (He had a couple of weeks in Tasmania on the way.)

3. From December 1892 to June 1893.

Nick Fleet said ...
Dr Alfred Henry Burton (born in 1853 at Dublin, died in 1937 at Marylebone, London), lived in Bromley, Kent during the last 20 years of so of the 1800s. He tended JND during his last days at Bournmouth. He was well-known for his writings and lectures on prophecy.
Friday, Feb 10, 2017 : 19:38
Tom said ...
Monday, Feb 13, 2017 : 11:43
Tom said ...
Many more interesting books and pamphlets to get,
A few i'd like,

A Soldier's Prayer
The Titanic disaster
What is Exdusivism ?
Where is Collective Testimony found Today?
Saturday, Mar 4, 2017 : 16:52
Gabriele said ...
Does anyone know if A.H. Burton eventually left the LC-Brethren after 1890?
Monday, Jan 15, 2018 : 06:05
Timothy Stunt said ...
More that fifty years ago (1967), as a young man, I used some local recollections of a few elderly folk in the Lincoln area to prepare a tentative exercise in oral history, which was published in 'The Witness' (November 1968), under the title 'Evangelism in Lincolnshire' (pp. 420-422). Two of the principal characters in the story are William Fitzburton Burton (1847-1927) of Goltho Hall, Lincs., and his younger brother Dr. Alfred Burton (1853-1937). Timothy Stunt.
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 00:28
Gabriele said ...
Thank you, Mr. Stunt, very interesting! I try to get your article from Manchester Library for I suppose it is not available online. According the second name of the older brother wasn't Fitzburton but Fitzwilliam, and he was born in 1849 not in 1847.
Greetings, Gabriele
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 02:25
Timothy Stunt said ...
Gabriele, I'm sure your website is far more accurate than I was, fifty years ago when I didn't even have an electric typewriter let alone the internet ! If you let me have an e-mail address I can scan you a personal copy of my piece in the Witness! It is not a very well researched item! Timothy
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 23:30
Gabriele said ...
Thank you very much, Mr. Stunt! I will ask Tom to give you my e-mail address. Gabriele
Tuesday, Jan 16, 2018 : 23:44
Michael Schneider said ...
The National Probate Calendar confirms the name William FitzWilliam (in this spelling).
Wednesday, Jan 17, 2018 : 04:56
Tom said ...
Tuesday, Mar 3, 2020 : 04:39
Nick Fleet said ...

To answer Gabriele's question - whether AHB left the L-C Brethren after 1890, I've wondered about that myself. He edited the Gospel magazine Echoes of Mercy from 1891 to at least until 1910. It features articles by many authors whose initials seem familar in connection with the L-C group, including WH Wybrow, NL Noel, and WHS Fosbery, and Miss CA Wellesley. Some of these went with TW after 1909. Also one of WH Lowe's letters on this site refers (in 1910) to AHB issuing a tract about the brethren (not against them but against 'the awful ecclesiastical corruption which has been sapping the life of the brethren') and, in the same letter, says that WH Sibthorpe had bought over the publisher James Carter and, as a result, AHB could no longer use him to publish 'Echoes of Mercy' or 'Christian Library' but possibly use Alfred Holness ('of no particular shade').

Friday, Aug 21, 2020 : 22:19
Martin Arhelger said ...

There is an article about Dr. Burton in the Dutch magazine “Bode des Heils in Christus” 83 (1940), pages 175-179. After this article there is “EEN PERSOONLIJK WOORD OVER Dr BURTON” (=A Personal Word About Dr. Burton) written by JNV (= J. N. Voorhoeve). Neither Dutch nor English being my mother tongue, I give a translation by google.translate (with a few corrections) below. This might help to understand AHB’s position in his later years.


In early 1908, I had the privilege of accompanying and translating Brothers Burton and Hutton on a journey across our country. Their vivid testimony of the Savior, whom they loved so much and to whose service they devoted themselves, is still in my memory. Brother Hutton had then spent 24 years serving as a missionary in China, and had come into contact there with a faithful officer from a British warship, who had conversations with him about gathering in Jesus' Name, and recommended to him the writings of Darby and Kelly. A month later, Hutton came into possession of Kelly's fine work on the Church of God; the study thereof brought him to the "Brethren," with whom he now became more acquainted during his leave of absence, and in whose fellowship he continued his missionary work from then on. As such he also came to our country, accompanied by his friend Dr Burton. and told us vividly, with Chinese agility, of the Lord's work in China. Dr. Burton introduced our brother each evening with a portion of Scripture, of which he then gave a brief, clear statement as he could.
On his return to England, he was engaged in a fraternal struggle, which has become the cause of his going his own way concerning fellowship. We have met each other several times in later years, and everything showed that our brother adhered and defended the principles held by him and us still wholeheartedly, but that the cold spirit of many and the narrow revelation of several became practically a hindrance for him to take his place as before. The last time I met him, he said it himself to me that he knew that this was not good for him. Thank God it was no obstacle for him, until the last days of his long life, with the glow of conviction, with the love of his warm Christian heart, to speak to the many whom he could reach, to speak of Jesus Christ and His Second Coming.
J. N. V.

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020 : 03:01
Jonathan said ...

There is a copy of recollections of AH Burton's life available on Amazon to anyone who may wish to spend £8 on it ... I imagine it may shed further light on the questions posed above!

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020 : 04:32
Tom said ...
The scan of that (well the biographical portion) is linked above already though.
Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020 : 06:18
Jonathan said ...
So it is, I didn't spot it!
Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020 : 06:46
Gordon said ...

A book here has the inscription, “Gerald Burton with much love from Henry A Hammond, March 14 1906, Bournemouth”.

Oft have I wondered if the recipient were a relative of Dr A.H. Burton. An affirmative reply would be appreciated.
Friday, Nov 24, 2023 : 05:03

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