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Alexander Carruthers

Born: Unkown
Died: Unkown

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Tom said ...

Does anyone have any biographical information? He was the author of the hymn 'We bless Thee, God and Father,  We joy before Thy face;'. I have a book of his poems, published privately 1931.

Monday, Apr 12, 2021 : 04:25
Nick Fleet said ...
Born 9 Jun 1860 Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Died 25 May 1930 Paddington, London, England. His first wife, Fanny Kate Whiteing, died in 1895 and in 1897 he married Florence Arabella Lewis. They had 2 daughters (Eunice and Dora) and a son, Stephen. My mother was local with Dora (Burling) in Harrow. I remember her and he husband and their son Donald. Stephen was born in Milano, Italy, where Alexander had moved to become Professor of English. He helped translate the Darby Bible into Italian, along with E L Bevir. In the 1960s Stephen emigrated to New Zealand and lived there until his death in 2002, aged 98. In 1985 I met his daughter there, Kathy (Clist). Some years ago both she and her cousin Donald supplied me with some biographical details of their grandfather for Edwin Cross's 'More Spiritual Songsters'. Donald composed some hymn tunes which were published in 'The Little Flock Tune Book Supplement' in 1965. I met him again a few years ago at CRE.
Thursday, Apr 15, 2021 : 02:09
Lance said ...
Thank you Nick
That is greatly appreciated
Friday, Apr 16, 2021 : 15:57

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