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circa 1865

Justification and Acceptance with God

by Alexander Craven Ord

Tom said ...

There was a review of this pamphlet in the Bible Treasury 1865, (as noted on Stem),

Bible Treasury 1865 p. 256. Justification and Acceptance with God; or, an Inquiry into the relative value of the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ, and of the Law. By a Student of Scripture. 
The reader will do well to procure and circulate this treatise, which discusses with calmness the subject of divine righteousness, in its various bearings, within eight chapters and less than 170 pages. Extracts are given in the Introduction, which indicate clearly the Puritanical source of that modern divinity which attributes pardon to the blood, and justification and heaven to the law-fulfilling of Christ; and this in contrast with the larger and truer thoughts of the Reformers. It is plain, however, that God has been graciously pleased to clear away yet more of error and to bring out the truth of Scripture on this grave theme with increasing light in our own day. Puritanism, as to God's testimony, was no movement in advance.}


It is generally attributed to A.C. Ord, but is there any definitive evidence for this?

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