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Alfred Morley Hayward

Born: 1874
Died: 31st March 1952

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    • The Laws of the Kingdom - Addresses in Australia   (Login Required)  (1935, 155 pp)

Nick Fleet said ...
Alfred Morley Hayward was born in 1874 at Eastbourne, Sussex, England the son of Ebenezer and Ellen (nee) Morley. In 1909 he married Eva Bridle (1863-1957). Sometime in the late 1920s they emigrated to New Zealand. He died there in Auckland on 31 Mar 1952 and is buried in Purewa Cemetery, Meadowbank, Auckland. Mrs Hayward wrote the hymn beginning 'Lord Jesus, Thou, by whom the worlds were made'.
Sunday, Apr 18, 2021 : 19:37
Marty said ...

Alfred Morley Hayward - April 1874 ~ 31st March 1932, age 77.
    Birth: Eastbourne, Sussex, England.
    Death: Motueka, New Zealand.
Father: Ebenezer Hayward - c1842 ~ 27th December 1935
Mother: Ellen Morley - c1843  ~ Married in 1868.
Wife:  Eva (Evangeline) Bridle - 20th July 1863 ~ 25th Sept. 1957, age 94. 
      Married in 1909.
   Alice Emily - (F. Frost) - 1869 ~ January 1904
   Florence Edith - (S. Lacey) - 1872 ~ 11th August 1937
   Mabel Gertrude - 1873 ~
   Ada Marian - 10th October 1876 ~ March 1934
   Agnes Ellen - (A.W. Padwick) - Jan. 1881 ~ 28th April 1960
   Sydney John (Jack) - (H.M. Myles) - 4th Nov. 1884 ~ Jan. 1957



Tuesday, Nov 22, 2022 : 08:56
Nick Fleet said ...

I'm not entirely sure that his wife's full name was Evangeline. She was listed as such in the 1891 census but nowhere else, to my knowledge. She did have a niece, Evangeline Fanny Bridle, who married the hymnwriter P. S. Pugh.  Both Eva and Evangeline married in 1909 in Hackney, so there may be a confusion between the two.  Indeed, the younger Evangeline was listed as 'Eva' in the same household in 1891. Would be interested in any definitive information.

Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 : 02:39
Marty said ...
"Eva Bridle, daughter of Thomas Parsons Bridle and his second wife, Sarah Symons, a Teacher of elementary school, poetically calling herself Evangeline in 1891. . . "
It seems she gave herself that name.
Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 : 06:52
Nick Fleet said ...
Interesting link, Marty, thanks. However, it is an assumption that she "poetically call[ed] herself Evangeline" in the 1891 census. On another page on that site, it says "In 1891, at Pinhoe Road, Heavitree, Eva has upgraded herself to Evangeline". I think it is more likely that it was the census enumerator who confused Eva and her niece, Evangeline, and recorded them as they appear in the household entry. I don't know for certain, of course, but in every other record I have seen of them both, they are Eva and Evangeline respectively and not the other way round as in 1891.
Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 : 18:42

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