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Marty said ...

                  Arthur Augustus Rees
22nd February 1815 ~ 16th April 1884, Age 69.
Born at Carmarthen, Wales.  Died at 70 Tatham St., Bishopwearmouth, Durham.
Grandfather:  John Rees  1749 ~ 14th December 1802. 
    Occupation:  High Sheriff of Carmarthen, Wales.  Married in 1775.
Grandmother:  Amy Mansel  1759 ~
Father:  John Rees  4th September 1781 ~ 27th May 1843, Age 61.
    Occupation:  R.N. & Magistrate & Lt. Col. Carmarthen Local Militia.
Mother:  Anne Catherine Vander Horst.  Married: 14th May 1803.
    15th January 1780 ~ 21st December 1864, Age 84.
    Harriet Cooper  1804 ~ 1822. 
    John Hughes (Rutson)  3rd November 1806 ~ 11th October 1871, Age 64.
          (Son Mansel Rees is featured in "Footsteps..." 1889 p.197-9).
    Charles Cooper  1807 ~ 1809,  Age 16 months.
    Unknown Daughter  1809 ~ 
    Charles Courteney (Shewen)  14th April 1810 ~ 10th December 1874, Age 64.
    Anna Mansel (Williams)  1811 ~ 10th September 1875.
    Frances Mansel (Smith)  1813 ~
    Helen Marian (de Hamel de Manin)  1817 ~ 1868.
         Raoul Enguerrand Napoleon de Hamel de Manin, 1854 ~ 1927.
         Raoul's sister, Hélôisé de Hamel de Manin, 1842 ~ 1884, Age 42.
         (Author of A. A. Rees' Biography in "Footsteps of Truth" 1884).
Wife:  Eleanor (Ellen) Prince  1813 ~ 25th September 1889,  Age 76.
          Born at Bath, Avon, England.  Married 1842 at Bath, Avon, England.
          Died at 70 Tatham St., Bishopwearmouth, Durham.
    Ellen Prince (Williams)  1842 ~
    Augusta Prince (Wigstone)  1844 ~ 1910.
    Mary Anne  1847 ~
    Amy Bathoni  1848 ~ 1911.
  *Ada Bland  1850 ~ 
    Rev. Arthur Augustus (Cooper)  1852 ~ 1941.
* Autographed letter [Dated 19th June 1884] of condolence on the death of her father   Arthur  A. Rees, from Florence Nightingale, to Miss Ada Bland Rees, Ward Sister of Charing Cross Hospital, grandaughter of John Rees of Killymanlloyd, Llanelly. 

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Marty said ...
Fallen Asleep of Mrs. Rees of Sunderland.
On 25th September 1889 at 70 Tatham Street, Sunderland, Mrs. Eleanor Rees, the widow of our beloved and esteemed friend the late Mr. A. A. Rees, fell asleep in Jesus, at the age of 76 years. For many years Mrs. Rees had been in feeble health, never having recovered from a shock of paralysis experienced a considerable time before the death of her husband. Yet, notwithstanding this, and the partial disablement occasioned by it, Mrs. Rees manifested a large amount of vigour; and, while ever feeling keenly, the sore bereavements which fell upon her, first in the loss of her beloved partner, and then of her eldest daughter, she maintained a spirit of cheerful resignation. For some weeks, however, prior to her departure, her strength had failed considerably, and at last, it became evident that the end was near. Two of her daughters—Miss Ada Rees and Mrs. Anna Rees Williams—watched her till the close, which came so peacefully, that it was scarcely perceptible. A day or two before her death. Mrs. Rees said to the doctor, “All is well;” and to one of her daughters, “The Lord is with me, indeed He is.” At another time she said, "I am waiting, waiting;” and then, pointing to a text on the wall, said, “That text has to be placed on my tombstone." The words of the text are, “I shall be satisfied when I awake in Thy likeness.” We sympathize with the surviving members of the family, and also with many members of the church at Bethesda, who share with them the sense of bereavement. "Footsteps of Truth" 1889.
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Timothy Stunt said ...

Marty's valuable biographical details (with dates!) usefully provides a lot of factual material much of which was missing from my 'The Early Development of Arthur Augustus Rees and his relations with the Brethren,' in Brethren Historical Review iv.1 (2006) 22-35.  Timothy Stunt.

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What about his book:
A Collection of Rare Jewels from the mines of William Gurnall ?
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