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Arthur Charles Gook

Born: 11th June 1883
Died: 18th June 1959

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Marty said ...
Fallen Asleep.—Aug. 3rd, [1948] suddenly, while on a visit to her husband in Akureyri, Iceland, Florence Ethel, the wife of Arthur Gook. After their marriage in 1907 she returned with her husband to Iceland, where they laboured together until 1919, when she came to England for family reasons. She was held in high regard by assemblies in Bristol, and was devoted to Christ and His interests. All their children are the Lord's, and it was of His goodness that our sister, after about thirty years' separation from her husband, save for his brief visits to this country, was able to spend the last few weeks of her earthly pilgrimage in his company.
"Echoes of Service" 1948
Monday, Apr 12, 2021 : 01:47
Great-nephew said ...
Florence Gook died at and is buried at Astjorn, 60 kms east of Husavik in the north of Iceland at the Summer Camp, Arthur Gook founded in 1946.
Monday, Oct 18, 2021 : 06:04

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