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Cyril Alfred Hammond

Born: 5th July 1877
Died: 4th July 1960

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    • Letter to C.J. Cox   (Login Required)  (27th Sep 1937)
      Letter relating to various personal matters as well as interesting snippet regarding the publication of Napoleon Noel's book on 'The History of the Brethren.' It appears Mr Hammond was not keen on the book being published at all, which explains why this was done by Christopher Knapp in the USA.

Greg said ...
Cyril Hammond - b. 1877, died 1960
Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019 : 23:37
Marty said ...

Cyril Alfred Hammond – 5th July 1877 – 4th July 1960, age 82.
Father: Joseph Hammond – July 1840 ~ June 1922, age 81.
Mother: Anne Maria Smith – October 1846 ~ 1905
Wife: Florence Anne Smith – 27th May 1878 ~ June 1973, age 95.
  Joseph Laurance Hammond (E.F. Morris) – 12th Mar. 1906 ~ Oct. 1990, age 84.
  Hilda Annie Hammond – 8th April 1907 ~ July 1997, age 90.
  Grace Hammond – 2nd August 1908 ~ June 1998, age 89.
  Edith Constance Hammond – 31st March 1913 ~ 2002
  Annie Maria Hammond (J.L. Dawes) – Jan. 1866 ~ 20th Sept. 1958, age 92.
  Percival Joseph Hammond (M. May) – 31st Jan. 1871 ~ 24th Dec. 1947, age 76.
  Herbert Blackmore Hammond (B.M. Davies) – c1881 ~ December 1962
  Sidney Gordon Hammond (E. Tullett) – 22nd Oct. 1883 ~ 5th Aug. 1952, age 68.
  Amy Constance Hammond (W.C. Woollgar) – 9th Aug. 1885 ~ 3rd Jan. 1987, age 101.
  Stuart Wyndham Hammond (E.M. Goble) – 30th July 1888 ~ March 1976, age 87.

Monday, Dec 6, 2021 : 03:35
Timothy Stunt said ...
About ten years ago I found sufficient evidence to satisfy myself that Cyril Alfred Hammond was not a relative of Henry Anthony Hammond [1829-1908] in whose Hampshire home JND died in 1882. Cyril Alfred was born just outside Portsmouth in 1877. His father Joseph Hammond was a brewing manager and Cyril Alfred became a commercial traveller dealing in drapery. In 1911 he was living in Clapham Park with his wife Florence Annie, together with their son and two daughters, Hilda and Grace. I suspect that these were the "Misses Hammond" who managed the 'C.A. Hammond' bookshop in Little Britain, off St Martin's le Grand at the back of St Paul's Cathedral,— a bibliophile's haven, where I spent many hours as a boy in the 1950s. Timothy Stunt
Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021 : 03:35
Marty said ...
(July 1877 to July 1960)
AT 7.40 a.m. on Monday, 4th July 1960, after some six months of increasing weakness, the beloved Publisher of this magazine passed peacefully into the presence of his Saviour. On behalf of readers, at home and abroad, we extend deepest Christian sympathy to his widow and family in their bereavement. Whilst Mr. Hammond was a tireless worker in various spheres of service for the Lord, readers of WORDS OF HELP will, of course, remember him specially for his important share in the production and distribution of Christian literature, to which he devoted the greater part of his time and thought during the past forty years. The interment took* place on Friday, 8th July, at Streatham Cemetery in the presence of a large company of friends. The service was conducted by Mr. John Weston, who spoke with comforting assurance of the glorious victory over death which the Lord Jesus Christ has given to "His own." "O death, where is thy sting? . . . Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory." (I Cor. xv. 55, 57)
“Words of Help” 1960
Sunday, Mar 12, 2023 : 03:17

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