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Caroline J. Ladd

Born: Unkown
Died: Unkown

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Tom said ...
Anybody know anything about her?
Also would be good to compile a list of the books she authored. I have quite a few.
Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021 : 02:29
Marty said ...

Partial list of her works:

Walks and Talks with Cousin Edith - 1882
The Story of a Summer Holiday - 1884
Stories about School Girls – 1887
Talks about Birds and Their Ways - 1889
Talks with the Little Ones - 1889
Wonderful but True, or, Talks with the Wee Ones - 1890
Dora Hilton's Stewardship - 1890
Stories about School Boys – 1890
Children of Many Lands - 1892
The Story of Dr. Kitto - 1890
Low Down on the Ladder - 1892
Wilfrid Gray's Text Roll - 1893
Among the Lions: A Story of Mission Work in Burmah - 1901
How the Children Play - 1902
Deaf, Dumb and Blind. True Stories of Child Life - 1902
Rhoda, An Indian Story - 1905
Short Stories, Old and new - 1909
How They Kept the Faith in Bohemia – 1915
Mayken Karlzon's Diary. A Story of the Inquisition in Spain - 1921
The Girls of the Bible - 1922
The Queens of the Bible - 1923
The Huguenot Potter - A Tale - 1924
From Scottish Moors To African Swamps:
    A Story of Missionary Life in Uganda - 1925
Among the Red Indians, and Other Stories - 1926
From Weaving Shed to Mission Field, The Story of Mary Slessor - 1928
John Bunyan: The Man and the Book He Wrote - 1929
Suzanne: a Huguenot Story - 1931
A Living Book and Its Story. [On the Bible. With Plates.] - 1931
Benjamin Franklin.  [With Plates.] -  1933
Under the Snow
When I was a Little Girl
Sowers and Reapers: A Schoolgirl's Story
Sought and Found, Or, Lizzie's Lesson Books
Stories of East London Or Peeps Into Busy Places
Bright Lights in Dark Times: Or the Waldenses and
    Their Persecutions in the Valleys of Piedmont



Monday, May 24, 2021 : 01:57

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