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Caroline Pridham

Born: 1844
Died: 1910
Appears in Pridham / Borlase / Tregelles / Newton / Lloyd / Howard / Biggs Family Tree

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Caroline Pridham (nee Poole) wrote children's books which were published by Morrish etc. 

At the moment I can't establish any link to the family of Arthur Pridham, having looked back 4 generations to the early 1700s, but there would almost certainly be a link.

From "Women in the Story of Jesus: The Gospels through the Eyes of Nineteenth-Century Female Biblical Interpreters" by Marion Ann Taylor, Heather Weir (2016)

Caroline Pridham was a children's writer born in Chester, England. In 1839 she married Thomas L. Pridham, a surgeon who worked as a coroner in Devon. The Pridhams had four children, only one of whom survived his parents. Pridham remarried after her husband's death, becoming the third wife of Lewis Gorham Wait. While she wrote as Caroline Pridham, some of her books also identify her as Mrs. Wait. Pridham was aware of developments in biblical studies, science, and archeology that were changing the way the Bible was interpreted and understood.  Although she did not specifically engage historical criticism, her approach to biblical interpretation reflects a widespread shift in the nineteenth century towards a historical approach to the Bible.

Pridham began writing for children in 1883, with Peeps at Palestine and its People (1883), followed by Twilight and Dawn or Simple Talks on the Creation (1892), Domestic Pets: Their habits and Treatment (1893), Little Elsie's Book of Bible Animals (1895), and Pesablossom: The Story of a Pet Plant (1896).

Nick Fleet said ...
I think that Marion Ann Taylor and Heather Weir have confused two different Carolines!

Caroline Poole who married Thomas Lawrence Pridham never remarried after his death and died on 30 Dec 1900 at Paignton, Devon aged 91 (source National Probate Calendar).

Caroline Pridham married Lewis Gorham Wait in 1897 aged 54. She died at Evesham, Worcestershire aged 67 (this equates to a year of birth of 1843 and so ties up with Caroline the daughter of Charles Pridham and Susannah Rachel Prideaux - so she would be a niece of Arthur Wellesley Pridham, the author). Lewis Wait died in 1921 and probate was granted to his brother Rev Walter Oswald Wait and William Collier Pridham, Caroline's nephew (source National Probate Calendar).
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 : 20:54
Tom said ...
Thanks; Ill check that out tomorrow - when i looked at it a couple weeks ago, I concluded the Caroline daughter of Charles seems to have died unmarried in 1927.
Tuesday, May 9, 2017 : 23:37
Tom said ...
Ok agree with Nick on this - the probate record for Lewis Wait shows Caroline Pridham was not the one who was daughter of Thomas (as I have written above) but the daughter of Charles and Sussnah.

It was also pointed out that if you read "Twilight and Dawn .. " she talks about "my children" which in context clearly refer to schoolchildren (she was teaching) and not her own, and this was 5 years before she married. (Ie. she didn't have children of her own.)
Friday, May 12, 2017 : 12:42

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