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Charles Inglis

Born: 1848
Died: 23rd July 1936

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An evangelist who worked with Moody for a time (born c. 1849, died after 1921) and evangelised in North America and Australia. He was in a similar category to Henry Varley and Joseph Denham Smith, fully sympathetic to Brethren ideals but anxious not to be confined to their circle. He gets some mentions in Beattie's Story of Great Recovery. His wife was Emily Entwistle.

From "The Moody Monthly" 1921

The beloved Charles Inglis, evangelist from London, England, is frequently a guest of the Moody Bible Institute, and always a welcome one. An official casually asked him if he were comfortably situated. "Oh, yes," he exclaimed, "everything is as comfortable as it could be made. I love to be in the Institute, it's a home away from home."
Such words, uttered with such spontaneous cordiality, were a great reward to those whose duty in the Institute it is to look after guests, more than 1,200 of whom accepted its hospitality last year (1920). 


Martin Arhelger said ...
The Believers' Magazine, New Series 35 (1934), page 306 ("Records of Work") tells us: "Ministry of Chas. Inglis and Capt. Reg. Wallis was greatly appreciated."
The Believers' Magazine, New Series 39 (1938), page 112 mentiones "the late Charles Inglis".
So it seems Inglis died between 1934 and 1938.
Tuesday, Dec 25, 2018 : 18:53
Tom said ...

Thanks, could possibly be this one but I'm not convinved,

Wednesday, Dec 26, 2018 : 06:53
Marty said ...
From "The Witness" 1936:
With Christ: July 23, [1936], the veteran Charles Inglis, aged 88. Born in South London, in 1848; converted in a Mission Hall in London in 1865, through a message given by an Evangelist, baptized in the Metropolitan Tabernacle, began work as an open-air preacher, and developed a gift of speaking clearly, slowly, and most effectively. Has preached in every one of the 5 Continents, in Prisons, Hospitals, Conventions, Condemned Cells, and all sorts of places and meetings, and seen many conversions. Has crossed the Atlantic nearly 100 times. A loyal Gospel preacher to the end.
Saturday, Jan 2, 2021 : 01:25

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