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Charles Wedderburn Ross

Born: 16th April 1861
Died: 22nd February 1937

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Charles Wedderburn Ross – 16th April 1861 ~ 22nd February 1937, age 75.
Birth: Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Marriage: 1886
Death: Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
Wife: Austria Caroline Turner – 3rd June 1865 ~ 11th July 1940.
   Helen Leslie Ross – 29th July 1888 ~ 29th June 1917.
   Caroline Bissell (W.R. Simpson) – 26th Jan. 1890 ~ 22nd May 1967.
   Donald Walter (Trueman & Smith) – 22nd March 1892 ~ 2nd May 1973.
   Margaret Susan (P.E. Cole) – 2nd Jan. 1894 ~ 19th Sept. 1988.
   Austria Mary (O.E. Magee) – 8th July 1896 ~ 23rd Sept. 1968.
   Ethel Vida (W.H. Waterman) – 4th April 1899 ~ 8th May 1967.
   Marian Turner Ross – 29th March 1905 ~ 16th Sept. 1924.
Father: Donald Ross Jr. – 11th Feb. 1823 ~ 13th Feb. 1903.
   Married on 14th December 1847.
Mother: Margaret Leslie – 1825 ~ 19th April 1905. 
   Half – Catherine Ross – c1847 ~
   Hughina (W. Charles) – 1852 ~ 30th April 1918.
   Isabella Ross – c1853 ~
   Helen (A.M. Riddle) – 1854 ~ 11th March 1937.
   Arthur Munro Ross – 10th May 1855 ~ 2nd May 1940.
   John – c1856 ~
   Mary Grace (J.M. Carnie) – 14th May 1856 ~ 1st March 1915.
   Walter (M. Kirkpatrick) – 25th Aug. 1858 ~ 25th Aug. 1943.
   Donald Ross, Jr. – c1859 ~
   Charles W. Ross (A.C. Turner) – 16th Apr. 1861 ~ 22nd Feb. 1937.
   Margaret Stevens (J. Harcus) – 14th Feb. 1863 ~ 27th Dec. 1928.
   Patricia Miller (W. Chase) – 9th Jan. 1865 ~ 3rd Aug. 1907.
   Jemima J. (J.K. Fea) – 6th Jan. 1867 ~ 30th April 1925.
With Christ:
C. W. Ross, of Kansas City, [Feb. 22, 1937], aged 75, after a lingering
illness. Born 1861, in Aberdeen, Scotland, the son of the well-known 
Scottish Evangelist, DONALD ROSS. Came to America in 1879, 
settled in Chicago, where his father had begun pioneer work in that 
rapidly growing midwestern city. Saved in early manhood in a 
Gospel tent meeting through that well-known Scripture, Rom. 5. 6,
and soon afterwards devoted his time to the Lord's service. 
The great distinctive truths that characterized his long life of service, 
namely, "The Church a Heavenly Stranger" and "The Holy Spirit a 
Present Living Reality,” sustained him in this path of faith for over 
fifty years. After several years of service in and around Chicago, 
he moved with his family to Elgin, Illinois, in 1892, where he laboured 
for eight years, during which time the Assembly grew in numbers 
and in active testimony.
In the year 1900 he moved back to Chicago, to be associated with 
the Austin Meeting on the west side, but helping in all the Chicago 
meetings where his ministry was much valued. In the year 1908, 
he moved to Kansas City, Missouri, making this the centre for
pioneer work in the central and western states. His signal gift as 
a teacher was known far and wide in the United States and Canada. 
Long after his health began to fail, he continued in this service, 
until confined to his home in the fall of 1936. He longed to gain 
strength to follow up this service for the saints he loved so well, 
but the Lord willed otherwise.
“The Witness” April 1937

. . . The funeral was held February 24th in the Troost Avenue 
Gospel Hall, where a large company of the  Lord's people and 
many neighbors and friends were gathered. The Word of God 
was ministered and the Gospel preached by E. G. Matthews 
of Waterloo, Iowa, assisted by Jahn Teller of Kansas City, 
and David Horn of Longmont, Colorado. We can only say with 
the Psalmist—
"As for God, His way is perfect."
"Farewell for the present, farewell,
At most for a few fleeting years;
For soon with our God we shall dwell
And know neither sorrow nor tears.
"No parting shall ever be known
On that happy and heavenly shore;
Those seated with Christ on His throne.
Go out from His presence no more." 
The following note from Mrs. Ross expresses her gratitude for the
many letters and tributes sent to her and the members of Mr. Ross'
“The expressions of sympathy I have received since my dear husband’s
death have been a great comfort to me and to the family. After over fifty 
happy years together, the parting is very hard, but God still lives and 
does minister comfort to our hearts, and when we think of our dear one 
at home with the Lord, we can rejoice for him, and this makes it easier 
to bear. I am very thankful to have been able to care for him to the last, 
as this was what he wanted and what I wanted to give him."
“Assembly Annals” 1937
Charles Wedderburn Ross (1861-1937) - Find a Grave Memorial 

With Christ:
On July 11 [1940], after 5 day's illness, Mrs. Austria C. Ross (widow of
the late Chas. W. Ross, Evangelist) went to be with Christ. Age 75.
A brief service was held in Detroit by F. W. Schwartz and J. Dickson.
Burial was in Kansas City, Mo. where the services were conducted by
E. G. Matthews and R. E. Littlefield. Born in Crown Point, Ind. Born
again at the age of 18. Associated with Assemblies from that time
until her home-going.  Was a true helpmeet to her husband during the
fifty years of their married life. Mourned by five children and 8 grand-
children, and also Christians who knew her.
“Words in Season” 1940

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