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Clifford Henry Brown

Born: 6th May 1884
Died: 31st October 1973

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Clifford Henry Brown was born on May 6, 1884.  He lived most of his life in Des Moines, Iowa.  He was married in 1910 to Bertha M. Owen, who was born March 8, 1885, in Des Moines, Iowa.  Before they were married Mr. Brown came to be gathered to the Lord’s Name in Des Moines as a result of a visit Bertha had with him while he was in the hospital.  He was well educated.  He continued on into the Lord’s work after working with Mr. Blount, a laborer, after some tent meetings in Kentucky.  He was exceptional in clearly expounding the truth of the Scriptures.  For many years he and Mr. McMillan of Des Moines labored together.  About 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Brown moved from Des Moines to Burbank, California.  He died October 31, 1973, in Burbank, California.  His wife, Bertha, died March 20, 1974 in Burbank, California. (

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