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Colonel Sydney Long Jacob

Born: 18th July 1845
Died: 28th July 1911


Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Nick Fleet said ...
Tom, another one buried at Abney Park.
Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022 : 19:42
Jonathan said ...

This recollection by Col. Jacob's son Alexis of his sister includes some brief biographical details of Col. Jacob.

Wednesday, Jan 12, 2022 : 23:40
Philip Jacob said ...
Col Sydney Long Jacob was my Great grandfather. He was a fascinating man. I would love to know more about him as a Brethren. If one anyone has more information, please let me know. My understand was that he was quite prominent within it.
Thursday, Dec 14, 2023 : 16:04
Timothy Stunt said ...

Peter Conlan's article, ' "What are you doing for Christ in Birmingham?" The History, Strategy, and Legacy of a Missional Brethren Assembly Founded by Alexis Jacob in 1924' is a chapter in Neil Dickson, T.J. Marinello [eds], The Brethren and the Church, (Glasgow: BAHN, 2020) pp.217-227, and contains quite a bit of information about the Jacob family, including Sydney Long Jacob.

Timothy Stunt

Thursday, Dec 14, 2023 : 22:20
Syd said ...


STEM publishing has a little biographical outline of the colonel, some of his writings  and a preface by your grandfather, A. Jacob, at:


Thursday, Dec 14, 2023 : 23:37
Rodger said ...
There is a Col. SL Jacob book for sale on AbeBooks entitled, “All Nations to Have the Testimony of Christ,” published by Morrish.

Does anyone have a scan of this?
Sunday, Jan 28, 2024 : 12:57

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