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Corydon Crain

Born: 21st December 1847
Died: 13th October 1925

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Marty said ...

Corydon Crain - 21st December 1847 ~ 13th October 1925, age 78.
Father: Ebenezer Crain – 29th May 1812 ~ 1892.
Mother: Dolly J. Rawson – 1816 ~ 1882.
Wife: Elizabeth S. Chamberlin – March 1847 ~ 1918.
   Married on 18th January 1888.
Daughter: Florence E. Crain – November 1889 ~ 1930.
    Anson Crain – 27th July 1838 ~ 6th April 1913.
   Cynthia Amelia Crain – 24th Sept. 1840 ~ 24th Sept. 1853.

The Lord has called to Himself our beloved brother Mr. C. Crain, well-known to most, either personally or through his helpful written ministry.
Our brother had been in California during the past few years of his life and devoted himself to the ministry of the Word in those parts.  While gifted as a teacher, he had, as all should have, a heart for the gospel and rejoiced at its dissemination.
Mr. Crain had been identified with "Brethren" for more than fifty years; was acquainted with Mr. Darby and others of the "fathers."  Through many times of stress, he sought to be helpful to God's people.  For several years he edited a magazine, "The Shepherd's Voice," and was also a frequent contributor to other of our periodicals.  His painstaking studies in Romans, first Epistle of John, and other writings, are still to be had, and in them we can see that loyalty to the truth and faith in our Lord and His Word which marked him.  Scholarly, as well as thorough, modest and retiring, he loved and was loved by a large circle of acquaintances.
Our brother was a diligent student of the Word, so it was true of him, "He that tiIIeth his land, shall have plenty of bread."  Let us emulate his example.  The men who have served in the Church of God have been faithful students.  Let us pray the Lord to raise up more like him, giving themselves to reading, studying, and meditating upon the word of God, and the literature which will open up its treasures—not primarily for the purpose of giving out what we have learned, but to become better acquainted with the mind of God, more in communion with the Father and the Son.  Then our "profiting will appear unto all."  We will have words in season at our public meetings or be able to contribute helpful articles to the various periodicals.  May the Lord stir up our younger brethren as to these things.  Large numbers are getting High School and University Education; are they using this to make them more familiar with the things of God?  What a vast field there is—the Scriptures with all their divine fulness of truth.
Our beloved brother survived his wife a number of years.  When his strength began to fail, he found a happy and congenial rest in the "Home for Aged Saints" at Burlingame, California.  The end came quickly, scarcely more than a day after the first stroke.  His body was laid to rest near the scene of his later labors.  He had nearly reached the age of 80.
So we part, till the time, so near, when we shall hear the welcome call for—
"All the redeemed, from the earth, from the tomb,

To be to Thy praise, blessed Saviour, at Home."  S.R.
"Help and Food for the Household of Faith" 1925 


Friday, Dec 30, 2022 : 08:11
Reid Sandford said ...
Can you please try to find “Immortality in the Old Testament” by Corydon Crain. It referenced by Samual Ridout in his “The Book of Job”. Perhaps printed by Loizeaux Brothers Inc.
Sunday, Nov 19, 2023 : 06:16
Martin Arhelger said ...

“Immortality in the Old Testament” was published continuously in the journal "Help and Food" in volumes 33 (1915), 34 (1916) and 35 (1917), see here: etc.
Later, these thoughts were also printed as a separate book, which I do not have. See here:
Martin Arhelger

Sunday, Nov 19, 2023 : 20:14

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