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Dr. Eugene Francis Cronin

Born: 1st May 1839
Died: 30th December 1920
Appears in Cronin / Congleton / Lowe / Newman / Bellett / McAdam / Soltau / Maynard / Kingscote / Deck / Pollock Family Tree

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Marty said ...
WE have very sincere pleasure in giving to our readers this month . . . one of the earliest and warmest friends of the Railway Mission. Indeed, Dr. Cronin's interest in Railway employees dates back before the founding of the Railway Mission as an organization. He was deeply and practically interested in the work which Mr. Eliot Walton carried on for several years among boys employed on the London and South-Western Railway in South London. We believe it was in a room in the Old Manor House, Clapham Common, the residence of Dr. Cronin, that the work among the boys commenced, and there the first meeting in connection with it was held.
Some years afterwards, when the Committee of the Railway Mission was formed, Dr. Cronin was one of the first members, and he has continued to take a real and active interest in the Mission ever since. Though a very busy man, he often finds time to take a meeting at the Railway Mission Hall, Wandsworth Road, and other places and is always warmly welcomed and appreciated.
The Railway-men in connection with the South London branch, look upon the Doctor as a true friend. Very happy in himself, and enjoying full salvation, he believes in bright, hearty meetings. There is no lack of life in a meeting conducted by Dr. Cronin. He sees that people love reality, and that formality and stiffness make the services dull and unattractive. This ensures him a hearty reception.
Dr. Cronin has a wide reputation as a physician and has an immense practice. His profession gives him many valued opportunities for speaking words of comfort to those who are laid aside, and of telling some of the Saviour's love who are strangers to Him, though on beds of suffering, and sometimes of death. Eternity alone will reveal the blessed results of Dr. Cronin's influence and words in many a sick-room. He believes thoroughly in the power of the Gospel to save, and that the Word of God applied by the Holy Spirit can convict and convert the most careless sinner. In the garden in front of his house, a square lamp stands, with a text printed on coloured glass on each side. The loving, gentle spirit of the Doctor comes out in the choice of the texts. That which the visitor first notices is: "God is love." The beautiful, simple message has brought comfort to many a suffering one. We earnestly hope that Dr. Cronin may be spared for many years, to carry on his noble work, and that God may continue to use him abundantly, and give him the joy of leading many to the Saviour he loves so truly and sees so well.
"The Railway Signal" 1894
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