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Nancy Cronin

Born: Unknown
Died: 1832
Appears in Cronin / Congleton / Lowe / Newman / Bellett / McAdam / Soltau / Maynard / Kingscote / Deck / Pollock Family Tree

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After a hazardous journey they arrived in Aleppo in Syria but were prevented from going further. During their extended stay there John Parnell and Nancy Cronin were married by the British Consul. The marriage was tragically short. When one of their companions decided to return to Britain John and Nancy determined to accompany him to the coast and see him safely on board a ship to France. Travelling was very rough and Nancy fell from her donkey, sustained serious injury, and died a few days later. With a heavy heart Parnell returned to Aleppo, from whence with his companions he finally departed in April, 1832 to complete the journey to Bagdad.

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