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Susan Drury

Born: 1795
Died: December 1829
Appears in Cronin / Congleton / Lowe / Newman / Bellett / McAdam / Soltau / Maynard / Kingscote / Deck / Pollock Family Tree

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Tom said ...
So .. there doesn't seem to be any actual documentary evidence that 'Susan' was a daughter of Admiral Drury. However, Mary and Susan's brother, Captain Charles Chesshyre Drury (1799-1837) had a son, William Vallancey Drury (1821-92) who was the homoeopathic dentist who wrote an appreciation for Edward Cronin's obituary in the Homoeopathic World [March 1, 1882] p. 126, where he is described as 'a near relative of the deceased'.

There is a record for her death,
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