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Vice-Admiral William O'Brien Drury

Born: circa 1754
Died: 1811
Appears in Cronin / Congleton / Lowe / Newman / Bellett / McAdam / Soltau / Maynard / Kingscote / Deck / Pollock Family Tree

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Tom said ...
According to Reminiscences, "Soon after the date of these letters my father returned to Dublin to begin his work as a barrister; and a year or two after he was married to my dear mother, Mary, the fourth daughter of Admiral Drury. Their early married life was clouded by the death of four little ones, to one of whom my father refers in a letter to his cousin Richard:-"

Some of the Drury sisters were also part of the earliest 'Brethren' meetings; "After Mr. Wilson left; two of Cronin’s cousins, the Misses Drury, also separated from the chapel at York Street because of sympathy with their relative’s views, and they were joined by a Mr. Tims who was a bookseller in Grafton Street. These four met together for the breaking of bread regularly in the back parlor of Edward Cronin’s house in Lower Pembroke Street."

The daughters of William O'Brien Drury would include the below, and I assume the Susan that Edward Cronin married.

Julia Drury 1795 - 1819
Mary Drury 1795/96 - 1863
Louisa Frances Drury - 1839
Elizabeth Drury - 1855
Elise Margarite Drury - 1859
Charlotte Frances Drury - 1857
Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 : 15:16
Tom said ...
His brother John Drury (1755 - 1840) married his wife's only sister Mary Elizabeth Preston Vallancey (1755 - 1798)
Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 : 15:22

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