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Cyrus Ingerson Scofield

Born: 19th August 1843
Died: 24th July 1921

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Timothy Stunt said ...

Did anyone, in a review for example, answer the slurs cast upon Dr Cyrus I. Scofield by Joseph M. Canfield in The Incredible Scofield and His Book (Vallecito CA, 1988, reissued 2004)? Where could I find such a review?   Timothy Stunt

Saturday, Mar 20, 2021 : 22:19
Marty said ...
Timothy, Not sure if this is what you're looking for:
Sunday, Mar 21, 2021 : 02:31
Theophilus said ...

Hello Timothy,

R. Todd Mangum and Mark S. Sweetnam cover the questions to some extent in The Scofield Bible: Its History and Impact on the Evangelical Church (Colarado Springs and Milton Keynes, 2009). Available on Amazon.

There are sections on, 'Should Scofield's Divorce Have Disqualified Him From Ministries He Undertook?' and 'Was Scofield Simply A Fraud?'. Their 'Final Analysis' is at any rate a good deal more dispassionate than Canfield.

It's an area you might wish to research, but at any rate I (and perhaps a good many others) would prefer if you continued to prosecute your research into that most uncomplicated of men, the plain John Darby.


Sunday, Mar 21, 2021 : 04:17
Timothy Stunt said ...
Thanks both to Marty and to Theophilus for their suggestions. I have to say that when I asked the question I had just read an even longer and more tedious critique by Robert Masterman at his website which descends to the level of jokey, scornful abuse and thus fails to consider the charges dispassionately, with one 'hatchet job' eliciting another 'hatchet job'. In contrast, Mangum and Sweetnam reveal their sympathies but evaluate the issues objectively.
The impersonal nature of exchanges on the internet seems to encourage uncharitable polemics on all sides, so I'm thankful for the sober and balanced commentary of Mangum and Sweetnam.
I can reassure Theophilus that I have no plans to research further on this subject, but I reserve the right to dissent from his assessment of John Darby as 'plain' or 'uncomplicated'! The longer I enquire the more complex he proves to be! Timothy
Monday, Mar 22, 2021 : 03:06
Adam Hartley said ...
Thank you for these Schofield books etc. would be great if somebody had a scan of his "correspondence Course" . God bless
Friday, May 7, 2021 : 08:13
Joseph said ...
The Life Story of Cyrus Scofield as told by Charles Trumbull in 1920 is no doubt totally authentic.This account is of great value in understanding the Backgound to the Scofield Study Bible, in an age without computers to facilitate the work.Scofield was a Genius of the first order prepared by God for this great task of bringing this Study Bible to the attention of so many Believers worldwide over the past 114 years,in different languages.The impact has been beyond belief in the furtherance of understanding the basics of Biblical understanding.This Study Bible remains to-day as the Gold Standard in terms of the fundamental Truths of Prophecy;Namely Dispensationalism.
Monday, Mar 27, 2023 : 13:12

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