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Dr Joseph Kidd

Born: 15th February 1824
Died: 20th August 1918

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Dr Kidd - - was a famous doctor and physician to Benjamin Disraeli.

Dr Kidd was converted through the preaching of W T P Wolston, at a preaching in the Alexandra Hall, Blackheath.

W.G. Turner writes:"Another reminiscence of those days kindly contributed by an old friend may be appropriately inserted here. He writes: "You probably knew Dr. Joseph Kidd, famous as he was for his skill and generosity, and as being the personal physician of Lord Beaconsfield. I used to hear during my life in London of that Monday evening in April, 1881, when the prayer meeting was interrupted by a postman arriving with a summons to Dr. Kidd to wait on the dying Premier. We all have heard or many have done of Dr. Kidd's guinea fees, and how he put the guineas into a box. If a poor patient turned up out came the guineas to assist the needy brother." Personal recollections of the good doctor are chiefly of his stately entrance with Mrs. Kidd and the younger branch of the family on Sunday mornings. His snowy head, patriarchal beard, benign countenance and dignified bearing is not easily forgotten after the lapse of so many years. His reading of Psalm 65, "Praise waiteth for Thee O God in Zion," followed by a prayer in quiet reverent tones commencing with "Holy Father," made a deep impression."

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This is the extract from "Portraits of the Seventies" mentioned on the page for Thomas Mackern.

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