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Corporate Defilement

by E. R. Wills

Steve said ...
What great insight and teaching, and in such need today as so many Christian groups find themselves being drawn into fighting worldly battles they have no Christian business in, and by this becoming corporately defiled. Maintaining a separation of Christ and State is not just a call to Americans, it's for all who are sanctified in Christ. Yet, allowing our sanctification to be used as a weapon for politicians to wield is ungodly, yet is proving to be too tempting for many in the fellowships to resist. This brother Wills nails it! We must not allow the designs of a few amongst us to defile the sanctification of the whole by leading us away from the goal of winning souls away from the wrath to come.
Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023 : 19:20
Syd said ...
Now this piece by Wills is sound biblical teaching; not "Brethren" teaching, although many in the movement of the early 19th century taught it to the amazement of the institutional Church. After the 1848 division, some assemblies in their new alignment gradually questioned it, whilst others held to what had initially been regarded as recovered truth. And so today this dichotomy remains.
Friday, Feb 24, 2023 : 02:08

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