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Ebenezer William Rogers

Born: 31st December 1892
Died: 10th November 1977

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Stephen Witheford said ...
Hi there I am a direct descendant of E W Rogers he's my great great grandfather I was wondering if you had anymore life information on him like his wife's name and maybe her maiden name I'm trying to do some work on our family tree for the witheford side and for the Rogers side of the family Many thanks.

Stephen Witheford
Thursday, May 19, 2022 : 10:08
Marty said ...

Stephen, This is all I could find. Maybe you could fill in the missing names & dates.

Ebenezer William Rogers - 31st December 1892 ~ 10th November 1977, age 84.
  (Birth – 3rd December 1896 – Ancestry)  (Birth 1893 on many sites)
Father: Samuel Harvey Rogers - 1864 ~ 16th August 1955, age 91.
   2nd marriage to ?
Mother: Annie ? -   ~ 6th September 1965
Wife: Edith Cuthbert – 20th November 1891 ~ 3rd April 1960, age 68.
   Olive Rogers - 1922 ~ 2013, age 91.
     (30 years Missionary in India, Author & Bible Teacher)
   Roland Rogers (Ruby) – 2nd August 1924 ~ 24th January 1984, age 59.
   Maurice Rogers -
   Cliff Rogers -
   Eileen Rogers -
   Mary Rogers -
   Norman Rogers -
   Alan Rogers -
   Donald Rogers -
   Annie Rogers –
   Esther Rogers -
   Ruth Rogers -
   Florrie Rogers -
   Grace Rogers -
   Phillip Rogers -

“Precious Seed” articles by E. W. Rogers:
E W Rogers - Precious Seed | A UK registered charity working to encourage the study of the scriptures  

Friday, May 20, 2022 : 00:29
Alan Low said ...
Thank you BrethrenArchive for placing our dear late brother E.W.Roger's book, 'Concerning the Future' for our free access. I was re-reading his book titled, 'The Revelation and Future Events', being a Precious Seed Publications in 2011 reprint of his early works in 1971. He referred us readers to this book on pg. 23 for greater insight into his thoughts concerning the prophesies contained in Daniel.

God bless all of you richly!! Maranatha!

Love in Christ,
Alan Low (Penang, Malaysia)
Tuesday, May 31, 2022 : 14:16
Maurice Gilbert Rogers said ...
EW was my father.
Would value it if you can send details of your connection with our family.
kind regards
M G Rogers
Sunday, Oct 8, 2023 : 16:48

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