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Edwin Williams

Born: 25th May 1846
Died: 29th January 1916

Headstone, Wimborne Road Cemetery, Bournemouth

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Born in Bridge End, Newton Ferrers, Devon, and died in the home of his son Herbert Edward Warren Williams in Wallington, Surrey.  Is buried in Wimborne Road Cemetery, Bournemouth, in the same row as JND about 15 plots to the right.  Was a builder and building surveyor by profession

Martin Arhelger said ...
I think that E. W. is E. Williams, who wrote in magazines of the Ravenists about the 1900th-1910th.
The booklet on "Christ Contemplated and Apprehended" was first printed in Bevir's "Helps for the Poor of the Flock", vol. 8 (1903), page 38 etc. In the same magazine there are other articles and poems by "E. W."; one of them is in "Helps for the Poor of the Flock", vol. 7 (1902), p. 307 and is beginning with the words "LORD, we do not ask the question" which is a known hymn by E. Williams, see
This hymn was also translated for the German hymn-book of the Ravens (and Glantons) ("Herr, wir stellen nicht die Frage. . ."). In the German Taylor-hymnbook of 1934 I found the dates of William's life as 1847-1916.
Greetings from Germany
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 18:04
Tom said ...
Thanks a lot; He also wrote some children's book, e.g. one I have is "Born on the Ocean Wave or, the Story of Ruapehu" .. well assuming it's the same E.W. but I doubt Morrish would have published two different authors with just the same initials at the same time!
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 18:16
Tom said ...
Where did you find the dates btw?
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 18:26
Martin Arhelger said ...
Hi Tom,
the German hymn-book with the dates of Wiliiam's birth and death is "Geistliche Lieder und Gesänge", Leipzig (F. H. Rückbrodt) 1934 (I gave a list of German Raven hymn books in It has a list of hymn-witers (and componists). For the German translation "Lord, We Do Not Ask The Question" the author is given as "E. Williams (1847-1916)" (no further information). The compiler of this German Hymn book was probably Richard Arras (died 1954). The dates of Williams are also here: (bottom of the page).

Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 19:59
Tom said ...
Thanks .. Nick told me his first name is Edwin. He might have some more info to send me later.
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 20:23
Alfred Corduan said ...
Greetings. I am working on an app for the new version of the Believers Hymn Book, which includes “Glory, Lord, is Thine forever”. Information here is much appreciated. Please let me know what the rules for citations, etc. are. All I need to prepare is a short biographical sketch, a paragraph on each author. Short and sweet :-)

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 : 01:57
Tom said ...

Hi Alfred,

You are welcome to use any information on the website. If you want to provide a reference to the website that's great, but no problem if not.

Maybe you have more info Nick on this writer, if you are reading ..

Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 : 02:06
Alfred Corduan said ...
Thank you. Any info is deeply appreciated. I have several other Assembly writers that I am on the lookout for information on. I have not really scoped the site yet, so may find other gems. :-). We were able to digitize the entire “Believers Hymnbook Companion” written by our dear brother Harold Paisley (with the Lord) and include it in the app for the original BHB. Mrs. Paisley gave us permission, what a blessing. But the number of hymns has swelled from 450 to 700 . . . With entries from a variety of other Brethren hymn books . . . Including around 100 from “Remembrance and Worship” with some, to me, obscure names. Obscure tunes for which we got a line of melody and nothing else. A treasure hunt!

[Und Martin Arhelger ist ein guter Deutscher Name!]
Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 : 02:31
Samuel said ...
Re “E.W.” Morris has published a book about late 1890s entitled “The Jewish Converts” . It is by “EW” who is Elizabeth Wheeler. What is known about her and her book? It’s aimed at younger readers.
Sunday, Aug 30, 2020 : 08:14
Doug Engle said ...
A great-granddaughter of Edwin was musing earlier this evening that she wished she knew more about him, so I spent a bit of time to see what I could find. Check out

Corrections greatly coveted. As are recommended expansions. Hint. Hint.

Oh, and I know it says "Edwin Gee Williams" but he didn't have a middle name. I just added his mother's maiden name to differentiate, as it's undoubtedly a common name.
Wednesday, Mar 3, 2021 : 19:04

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