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Edwin Williams

Born: 1847
Died: 1916

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Martin Arhelger said ...
I think that E. W. is E. Williams, who wrote in magazines of the Ravenists about the 1900th-1910th.
The booklet on "Christ Contemplated and Apprehended" was first printed in Bevir's "Helps for the Poor of the Flock", vol. 8 (1903), page 38 etc. In the same magazine there are other articles and poems by "E. W."; one of them is in "Helps for the Poor of the Flock", vol. 7 (1902), p. 307 and is beginning with the words "LORD, we do not ask the question" which is a known hymn by E. Williams, see
This hymn was also translated for the German hymn-book of the Ravens (and Glantons) ("Herr, wir stellen nicht die Frage. . ."). In the German Taylor-hymnbook of 1934 I found the dates of William's life as 1847-1916.
Greetings from Germany
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 18:04
Tom said ...
Thanks a lot; He also wrote some children's book, e.g. one I have is "Born on the Ocean Wave or, the Story of Ruapehu" .. well assuming it's the same E.W. but I doubt Morrish would have published two different authors with just the same initials at the same time!
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 18:16
Tom said ...
Where did you find the dates btw?
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 18:26
Martin Arhelger said ...
Hi Tom,
the German hymn-book with the dates of Wiliiam's birth and death is "Geistliche Lieder und Gesänge", Leipzig (F. H. Rückbrodt) 1934 (I gave a list of German Raven hymn books in It has a list of hymn-witers (and componists). For the German translation "Lord, We Do Not Ask The Question" the author is given as "E. Williams (1847-1916)" (no further information). The compiler of this German Hymn book was probably Richard Arras (died 1954). The dates of Williams are also here: (bottom of the page).

Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 19:59
Tom said ...
Thanks .. Nick told me his first name is Edwin. He might have some more info to send me later.
Tuesday, Apr 18, 2017 : 20:23

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