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Edward Dennett

Born: 1831
Died: October 1914

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EDWARD DENNETT was born in the Isle of Wight, 1831, at Bembridge, and died in Croydon in Oct.,1914 after a short illness. His people were all in the Church of England, but he was converted as a lad through the instrumentality of a godly clergyman, and he left the church from conviction and became minister of a Baptist Chapel in Greenwich, having previously matriculated at London University.

In 1873 he contracted a severe illness through visiting one of his parishioners, and was sent abroad for a year by his people. He wintered at Veytaux, and coming in contact with "brethren " staying at the same "pension, " he had a good deal of intercourse with them, which helped to clear in his mind certain difficulties that he had.

Taking no steps till his return, he explained his views and resigned his charge. Shortly after "breaking bread" for the first time with those gathered simply at the Lord's table "unto His Name."

Mr. Dennett had the pen of a ready writer. His sphere of labour was England, Ireland, and Scotland, and he paid visits to Norway, Sweden, and America. He had pastoral and teaching gifts of a high order.

Brent said ...
I’m greatly enjoying meditating upon the Lord Jesus Christ in Mr. Dennett’s book titled, “The Name Above Every Name”.
Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019 : 11:27
David said ...
A very nice summary, no helpful today, when I mentioned brother Dennett’s name in our reading. By the way, Brent, I am currently in the process of recording The Name Above Every Name as an audiobook. I hope to have it completed by the end of this week. If Brethren Archive wants a link to it for posting here, please drop a note to me, and I will be happy to give it. I have already posted a number of other books, including the New Testament of the JN Darby Bible.
Monday, Nov 2, 2020 : 06:53
Colby S said ...
Hi David - out of curiosity, is it your recordings which are linked on the Present Truth Publishers site? If so I would like to thank you for the beautiful recordings of the JND Bible. Do you believe the OT will ever be done?
Monday, Jan 18, 2021 : 09:28
David said ...
I’m working on it, Colby, and thank you for your feedback. I do enjoy doing them.

So far, the books of Genesis and Daniel have been posted to PTP, and I’m up to chapter 35 of Exodus (which hasn’t been posted yet; I usually like to wait until the entire book is complete before posting). My retirement from full-time work is imminent, and I hope to make better progress with more of the O.T. soon, if the Lord leaves us here. Meanwhile, I have continued recording more of the brethren’s printed ministry (most recently, “Revelation of Jesus Christ, by WRH), which are also posted on the PTP “public audio” page. Also, BTP has been posting these audiobooks and scripture to the own site, replacing the synthetic voices they have been using until now. Thanks for your prayers about this!
Wednesday, Nov 23, 2022 : 20:00

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