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Edward Elihu Whitfield

Born: 5th November 1848
Died: 22nd December 1911

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Edward Elihu Whitfield, some 27 years William Kelly's junior, was a gifted linguist and teacher. Besides editing J. N. Darby's English version of the Old Testament (4 parts, London, 1883-89) and compiling William Kelly's expositions of Mark and Luke from the Bible Treasury, he wrote Outlines of Old Testament Study, Historical and Critical (1883).

From intro to  "An Exposition of the Gospel of John: Edited, with additions, by Edward Elihu Whitfield"

He was educated at Oriel College, Oxford (B.A., 1874), and the University of Heidelberg, and after being a private tutor at Oxford, was modern language master at Sir Joseph Williamson’s School, Rochester (1889–99), lecturer in the School of Commerce at University College, Liverpool (1899–1901), and modern language master at Rutlish School, Merton, Surrey (1901–04) and King Edward VII.’s School, King’s Lynn, Norfolk (1904–05). In 1905 he retired from active life. Besides editing J. N. Darby’s English version of the Old Testament (4 parts, London, 1883–89) and W. Kelly’s expositions of Mark and John (2 vols., 1907–08), he has written Outlines of Old Testament Study, Historical and Critical (1883).

From The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, vol. XII, p. 342 (1911)

Tom said ...
Does anyone know any more about him?
Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018 : 17:22
Michael Schneider said ...
I've added the article from the Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia and the dates of birth and death. The latter is probably published here for the first time; I recently ordered Whitfield's death record from the General Register Office ("1911 Deaths in the Sub-District of Chiswick, in the County of Middlesex", No. 26).
Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 : 00:05
Timothy Stunt said ...
Edward Elihu Whitfield’s parents were Quakers. Edward Whitfield, a ship-owner, shipbroker and colliery agent, of Elswick Villas, Newcastle (c.1813-?c.1870) and Mary Sutton (daughter of Elihu and Hannah Sutton of Scotby, Cumberland) were married in the Friends Meeting House at Benfieldside, nr. Shotley Bridge.
EEW had two older sisters and in 1851 they were all living at home in Newcastle with a governess and two servants, but by 1861 his father is not around. His mother (described as ‘married’ rather than ‘widow’) is lodging with the family of Joseph Sutton, (in Morpeth) a son by her first marriage. Meanwhile (in 1861) EEW and his sisters were students at Sidcot School, a Quaker boarding school, in Winscombe, Somerset.
EEW matriculated at Oxford from Oriel College in 1869, but, for reasons unknown, his name was removed from the college register in 1870. His BA in 1874 was therefore described as a non-collegiate degree. His name was restored to the register in 1875, so his MA was an Oxford degree from Oriel College. There is a letter written by JND to EEW when he was studying at Oxford in 1870 in JND's ‘Letters' iii. 410-412. In 1871 when EEW was at Oriel College Oxford, his mother and one of his sisters were lodging not so far away in Cheltenham, but in 1881, EEW was still a batchelor, living in Oxford (described as a solicitor) with his mother and one of his sisters, in his household.
By 1891 he was married to Mary (?maiden name unknown) and his son Lewis Edward (born c. 1886) was living with them in Rochester. At the time of the census in 1901 the three of them were visiting a family (named Hatchett) in Stafford, and in 1911 (the year of his death the three of them were living (son aged 25) in Chiswick, West London.
Henry Pickering, the editor of 'Chief Men among the Brethren' entrusted EEW with writing the articles on JND, JGB, GVW, WK and Clarence Esme Stuart (the last of which was altered slightly, in the 2nd edition of the volume.) In the first article EEW described Darby as 'the Tertullian of these last days'! Timothy Stunt.
Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 : 06:45
Tom said ...
Thanks a lot Michael / Timothy .. DeceasedOnline have a record for him as being buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, plot number 43197 - Sir Robert Anderson and Lord Congleton are buried there too, so must make a trip sometime.
Thursday, Jan 25, 2018 : 19:47
Marty said ...
From: "The Faith and the Flock" 1912
We cannot allow this number to go forth without some reference to one whose departure to be with the Lord on December 22nd, [1911] is a loss to the Church, and specially so to those who knew him. After a short illness, he passed away at the age of sixty-three. In our deceased brother, there was the rare combination of learning, simplicity and piety. His reverence for the Scriptures and the Christian faith was as profound as his knowledge of both, and he ever made use of his extensive acquaintance with theological literature to defend and elucidate the doctrines of Holy Writ. It is well known that he edited some of the late Mr. Kelly's writings, and we are informed that some of the footnotes in the late J. N. Darby's translation of the O.T. are from his pen. Amidst learned labours such as these, (to show the character of the man) he willingly served others in whatever capacity he could render help, however unnoticed and unremunerative the service. As an instance of this, we might mention, that he kindly undertook the reading of the proofs of this magazine. While we all mourn his loss, may the comfort of God and His special guidance and support be with those who will miss him most.
Monday, Feb 15, 2021 : 03:37
Timothy Stunt said ...

Edward Elihu Whitfield's later involvement with The Faith and the Flock (associated with the Open Brethren) accords with the conciliatory and peace-making spirit evident in his contributions to Pickering's compilation of Chief Men among the Brethren (especially his account of John Gifford Bellett). Timothy Stunt

Monday, Feb 15, 2021 : 06:10
Steve Noble said ...
The initials EEW are appended to an article in the Bible Treasury Sept 1906 entitled "The Vatican and the criticism of the Pentateuch". If this is E E Whitfield, then it would appear that he moved about a bit ecclesiastically. He could hardly have edited the Darby Bible 1883-1889 (as cited in the brief biographical details) without being in favour at the time with the Raven/Stoney party, while to write in the BT in 1906 implies a move in the direction of the Kelly party.
Saturday, Jul 29, 2023 : 21:30
Rodger said ...
His book, “Outlines of Old Testament Study, Historical and Critical,” is available on Google Books.
Sunday, Jul 30, 2023 : 12:54

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