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Edward Ezekiel Crocker

Born: 1834
Died: 1914

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Timothy Stunt said ...
Tom, you ask about Crocker the publisher. The following is based on Census records:
Edward E. Crocker was born (c.1835) in East Woodhay near Kintbury, Berks, where in 1841 his father, William, was an agricultural labourer. In 1851 as a 16 year old he was described as a ‘Farm labourer’ living in Remenham, nr Henley, Berks with his widowed mother Fanny (Frances) Crocker, a ‘servant in charge of poultry’.
In the next ten years Edward Crocker reinvented himself as a bookseller and stationer, and in 1861 (aged 26) he was living at 112 Pentonville Rd, Clerkenwell. He had two lodgers, tailors, (Mark Loney and Edwin Dibden) living with him and his 70 year old widowed mother.
In 1871 he is described as ‘Printer and stationer’ and his address is 28 Penton Street (running North from Pentonville Rd, an area which was home to a number of artists and publishers). This was the address of 'Crocker and Cooper' who published several of JND’s works. Sometime in the previous ten years, Edward had married Mrs Elizabeth Yerbury, (a widow 12 years older than him) and in 1871 their household consisted of their 8 year old son William; Edward’s step-daughter Emma Yerbury (described as a ‘printer’s and stationer’s assistant'); Edward’s 76 year old aunt, Hannah Adams (Annuitant); William Brigg (aged 17), a stationer’s assistant; and Rebecca Clayden (aged 24) a ‘general servant. Clearly the business was prospering.
By 1881 Edward is a 47 year old widower and his step-daughter (aged 26) is described as ‘Housekeeper’ and his 18 year old son William is ‘stationer and printer’s assistant. The address is a little further east on the City Road. Ten years later (1891) the 57 year old Edward (‘stationer’) has remarried — this time to Anne, a 38 year old Islington dressmaker. They have a 2 year old son George and a 14 year old servant, Sarah Todd. All the family were still living in the Islington area as late as 1911. Timothy Stunt
Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 05:56
Tom said ...

Thank you Timothy; I've moved your comment here for better context.

I'd wondered if William Yerbury, the first husband of Elizabeth, was the hymn writer ( but all acounts suggest he died in 1863. However it seems quite a coincidence, so who knows.

For a while he was also in partnership with Thomas Cheverton.




Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 15:33
Tom said ...

In fact E.E. Crocker published "Hymns and Poems for Believers" by W. Yerbury in 1863,

So surely this must be the same person, and the 1863 date of Yerbury is a mistake, probably copied from the date of publication of this book?

Would be good to get a scan of the poetry book too.

Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 16:24
Samuel said ...
Interesting that 28 Penton Street (where Crocker and Cooper's printing and publishing premises was located)became for quite a few years the HQ of the African National Congress, and was bombed (apparently by agents of the South African Government) in 1982.
Wednesday, Feb 12, 2020 : 00:16
J.d-s said ...
Edward Ezekiel Crocker was my 3rd great-uncle, he died 12 August 1914 and was buried in Abney Park Cemetery in the same grave as his mother Fanny/Frances, her sister Hannah and his wife Elizabeth (Yerbury nee Edmunds). I have traced all of his offspring bar his son William Edward who was born 13 February 1863. I have a photograph of whom I presume is him as it is labelled 'Uncle Edward' together with one of poor quality labelled 'Fanny Crocker and her sister.
Thursday, Oct 22, 2020 : 19:35
Tom said ...
Hi J.d-s .. would be glad to add the photo to the website if you are willing to share it.
best, Tom
Friday, Oct 23, 2020 : 01:29
j.d-s said ...
I shall be glad to Tom, if you email me directly to the address submitted on this form to the administrator I shall be pleased to oblige.
Friday, Oct 23, 2020 : 02:12
Nick Fleet said ...
Edward's step-daughter's name was Eunice Yerbury (not Emma). The census Timothy Stunt referred to above is very hard to read and it does look more like Emma than Eunice. However, later censuses and her birth record (in 1853) are more conclusive. She died in 1902, having been a school principal in Worthing.
Monday, May 29, 2023 : 02:38
Syd said ...
Purely for interest sake, the link in Samuel’s comments above regarding the bombing of the building is defunct, but here is another link -
Wednesday, May 31, 2023 : 15:15

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