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Edwin Paul Corin

Born: 28th May 1839
Died: 6th May 1887

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Definitely worth reading the biographical details here;, which also include this letter of his;

Martin Arhelger said ...
The right spelling is not "Corrin", but "Corin" as in all contemporary sources. In the list of meetings 1882 he is given as "E. P. Corin, Shelford, Devonshire road" which proves that he is the Edwin Paul Corin (1839-1887) who is mentioned here
as living in "Shelford, 182 Devonshire Road" at that time; this website also says that Corin and his family "were Plymouth Brethren". The website also gives a photo of Corin and details of his ancestors and descendants.
Saturday, Dec 16, 2017 : 14:20
Tom said ...
Thanks a lot for finding and sharing that Martin.
Sunday, Dec 17, 2017 : 23:16
Marty said ...
E. P. C. was an earnest soul-winner. I recollect going into his office one day, and found him in great distress. He said, ''I have just missed an opportunity. A gentleman called upon me, with whom I am in the habit of doing business. I immediately turned to business matters, but I found him preoccupied with the sudden death of the chief partner in his firm. We spoke together of his unexpected end, and parted without my having spoken to him about his soul. What troubles me is that I should have forgotten my Master's business in preoccupation with my own. Such an opportunity may never present itself again."
His words made a deep impression on me. Gifted beyond many as a preacher, blessed of God greatly in the Gospel, this beloved servant of Christ lamented an opportunity lost, of speaking to one soul. Let us--writer and reader--ask ourselves, Are we skillful in using our opportunities? H. N.
Saturday, Mar 2, 2019 : 07:27
Eric Paul Corin said ...
I live in Cornwall and Edwin Paul Corin was my Great Grandfather.
Sunday, Jan 2, 2022 : 23:51

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