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Ernest Barker

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

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Marty said ...
Ernest Barker, London, born in Clapham, in 1880. Saved whilst on holiday, in Gospel Hall, Margate, August 1895, [age 15], the only saved member of a fairly large family. Baptised two years after by Dr. F. B. Meyer, in Christ Church, attended the Clapham Y.M.C.A., then spiritual, began to serve the Lord at once by speaking in the open air, etc., spent hours at Bible Study each week, committed most of the New Testament and large portions of the Old Testament to memory. Has a marvellous memory, as he never has notes for his addresses. About four years after conversion, was led into fellowship at Gothic Hall, Stockwell. Has been privileged to preach for nearly thirty years in Assemblies in London and various parts of British Isles; at the same time attending to his daily occupation in connection with the L.C.C. Is the author of various books, including "Wheels Within Wheels," "21 Difficult Texts Explained," and others, as well as many Gospel tracts. . . .
"The Witness" 1932
Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021 : 02:47
Tom said ...
Gothic Hall is still going strong.
Wednesday, Aug 4, 2021 : 03:00

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