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Letters of Interest, Volume: 13

Tribute in L.O.I.

by F.C. Jennings

Samuel said ...
Have you managed to get a copy of FC Jennings on Revelation? It is very rare. Odd, really since his one on Isaiah is so very common. I remember Jim Allen conducting a global search for a copy when he was doing his commentary (which appeared in the Ritchie series "What the Bible Teaches").
Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018 : 05:42
Tom said ...
Looks like there is one second hand for £70 ..

Also a text version on

But will add it to the search list.
Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018 : 05:48
Tom said ...
Appears we did have it after all!
Wednesday, Aug 29, 2018 : 14:38
Rodger said ...
Oh, I have that book. I'd be happy with just £65! ;)
Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 : 01:07
Tom said ...
Ha, I think we just halved it's value at least by posting a scan :) Though I doubt anyone was ever going to pay 70 quid for it! One book I've had in my Abe basket since 2009 still waiting for a ridiculous price to fall.
Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 : 03:44
Rodger said ...
Actually, the book for sale, and the one I have, is FCJ on the seven letters of Revelation 2-3. The full commentary you posted is more likely the one Mr. Allen was hunting for. Strange that it should be a rarity.

It is astounding the prices that booksellers post sometimes! One thinks they have no idea how limited the interest there is in such books worldwide. For example, if I look up "Stow Hill Bible" on Amazon, I come up with volume 6 of JND's Notes and Comments for $707USD, plus $3.99 shipping. Apparently the seller is unaware that you could buy all the various JND sets, plus some, for that amount (or just ask around, and we could probably turn up a free set for you).

What is the book you are holding out for? Or can you say?
Thursday, Aug 30, 2018 : 11:03
Tom said ...

I wonder if it's just easier to put an absrud price is rather than bothere to do the research and then gradually reduce the price over time if no-one buys it?

This was the one I had in mind in particular;  .. Just interested in the signature mainly, though thing is I'm not so bothered about it as I would have been a few years ago. But surely if the bookseller had priced it more reasonably, or reduced the price over time, then they could have sold it (I would have paid 50 quid for example) and then re-invested that money in another book to sell for profit, rather than just having it gather dust on the shelf :s

Friday, Aug 31, 2018 : 06:15

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