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Dr Francis Henry Bodman

Born: 29th April 1844
Died: 13th March 1932

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Was also quite a well known physician,

Tom said ...
F.H.B. ? He is mentioned a few times on mybrethren in connection with bible readings at that time.
Thursday, Mar 2, 2017 : 20:15
Martin Arhelger said ...
F. H. B. is Dr. Francis Henry Bodman, who was a prominent writer an speaker amongst the "Ravens" in the first third of the 20th century. According to the magazine "The Believer's Friend" 24 (1932) on page 90 "Our much-loved aged brother fell asleep in Jesus on Lord's Day, 13th March." This agrees with Newspaper records of that day. These texts add that Bodman was 87 years old when he died. According to he was born on April 29th 1844.
Thursday, Mar 2, 2017 : 22:35

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